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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 promises huge camera upgrade: has Apple finally seen it? | apple iphone

It’s the old game: before the keynote is after the keynote – and of course all eyes are already on that iPhone 14. In 2022, however, fans are perhaps a little more eagerly awaiting the latest generation of smartphones from Apple. After all, in the run-up to the presentation of the iPhone 13, it became apparent early on that Apple would focus on rather minor improvements this year. The speculation about the iPhone 14 is completely different!

They are promising a smartphone that could mean a fresh start for Apple. The influential analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now strengthened this assessment – at least as far as the camera is concerned. So far, at least on paper, their resolution has not been something that iPhone users could brag about. (Speaking of which: iPhone 14 and Co. – What we already think we know about future generations)

iPhone 14: Is Apple entering the megapixel race?

The current iPhone 13 has a dual camera system 12 megapixels. The camera system of the Pro version also has the same resolution, which comes with a proud price starting at 1,149 euros. For comparison: The camera of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S21 5G offers 64 megapixels. In addition, the 8K resolution of videos allows you to store sharp screenshots in the gallery that can compete with the quality of photos.


Apple has not yet competed with the competition for ever higher megapixel values. Instead, Cupertino preferred to focus on technically getting the most out of the pixels. With the iPhone 14, however, this strategy could be abandoned and Apple actually enter the race, says Kuo. If he is to be believed, the new iPhone generation will come with a 48 megapixel camera be equipped, “AppleInsider” quotes the analysts. Video recording in 8K resolution the iPhone 14 should also make it possible. (Also interesting: iPhone 13 owners can be happy – Apple solves a major repair problem)

Apple wants to make the iPhone 14 fit for virtual reality

But of course Apple doesn’t do anything without first thinking about it carefully. The ulterior motive: According to Kuo, the significant camera upgrades will be made with a view to what is allegedly planned Apple headset implemented with virtual reality and augmented reality features. According to the expert, this could come onto the market in 2022, Apple is already working on a second version for 2024. “The mixed reality headset should be able to play 8K videos and thus offer a particularly immersive virtual reality experience,” it said at “t3n”. In this respect, the upgrade would make the iPhone 14 fit for use with VR glasses – which, as Kuo suspects, could even replace smartphones in the future.

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