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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 release under threat? Supplier has production problems | apple iphone

The US company Apple purchases quite a few components from China for its flagship series. The country’s strict quarantine conditions are hampering the supply chain of the iPhone 14 therefore massive. The Pegatron plant in Shanghai is currently specifically affected, which makes rapid adjustments to Apple’s supply strategy essential.

iPhone 14 production is struggling

Over the past few weeks and months, countless pieces of information about the new smartphones from Apple have become public. Many of them are just rumors, but some others can be verified as leaks.

This is primarily the information that comes almost directly from the supply chain of the US company. They mostly appear in the form of recordings showing dummy models or even the ready-made displays of the iPhone 14 series. The prices of the new Apple cell phones should also be known by now.


It is not yet certain when exactly the new iPhone will be released – in general, an appointment is expected in autumn 2022. However, that could also become scarce. Taiwan-based chip maker TSMC has been struggling with problems for some time, and now other suppliers are joining them, including Pegatron.

Release in danger?

Citing Hong Kong-based Counterpoint analyst Ivan Lam reported the South China Morning Post that at least the amount of iPhones produced this year may not be enough for everyone interested.

In the past, Apple already knew how to compensate for problems like this. However, since Pegatron is one of the largest suppliers from Apple’s chain, this could be much more difficult in the case of the iPhone 14. It is therefore unclear whether the group will be able to stick to its plans for this year’s release.

Source: South China Morning Post


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