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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: software error causes lines on the display | apple iphone

Some iPhone 14 owners complain that horizontal lines appear on the phone’s display when the device starts up or wakes from sleep mode. A report from the online magazine 9to5mac According to this, the number and colors of these strokes vary on the touchscreen. As it goes on to say, citing user reports, the effect occurs irregularly. Sometimes only one line can be seen, in other cases there are several flashing dashes.

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According to further observations, the dashes appear before the screen turns off after playing a video. The lines have also been seen parallel to the Apple logo after restarting the iPhone. After a second, however, the effect disappears again. Apparently, the error occurs on different versions of the iPhone 14, but not on older versions of Apple’s smartphones. In addition, not all devices are affected.

iPhone 14 display error?

iPhone 14 display error?


Apple: “It’s a driver issue”

As the report goes on to say, some iPhone users who at least occasionally experience the unwanted lines on the touchscreen have contacted Apple Support. Hardware errors were not found. Rather, it is a software problem. In one case, an Apple support representative explained that a driver error was the cause of the observed effect.

Since the manufacturer is aware of the effect, the error should be fixed with one of the next iOS updates. Apparently, there is not yet a universal workaround that will provide a remedy in the meantime. According to the report, some users have had success by turning off the always-on function of the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max display.

Lines on the iPhone touch screen

Lines on the iPhone touch screen
Photo: 9to5mac

Error dependent on the screen manufacturer?

It is also said that the assumption is that the display error only occurs on iPhones that have an LG display, while Samsung screens work correctly. However, iPhone buyers have no control over which components in their device come from which supplier.

In another message you will find our test report on the iPhone 14 Pro.

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