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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: switch-on sound included if desired | apple iphone

Classic Macs have had a startup sound for decades, the so-called startup sound or “startup chime”. Although Apple had deactivated the sound in some macOS versions in the meantime, it is now part of the system by default again, as long as the speaker was not muted before switching off or it was switched to one direct deactivation came. Now the Apple trademark is coming to iPhones for the first time – for a very specific reason.


As iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max owners have noticed, there is an option to activate a power-on and power-off sound in the Accessibility (Accessibility) menu under the “Audio/Visual” section. Only both are possible, but not a single selection. The sound is reminiscent of that of the Mac, but is slightly higher and can be heard particularly clearly. Technically, the implementation seems to depend on the respective hardware – iOS 16 does not deliver the function on older iPhone models.

The purpose of the new function is not only marketing. Instead, Apple wants to make it easier for visually impaired people to see that their iPhone is actually on or off. But the feature can also be a nice goodie for all other users, especially since it can be deactivated again at any time.


The starting sound was once used to signal to the user that the basic hardware tests – for example on the built-in memory – have been successfully completed. This functionality has now become significantly more complex; Error messages are displayed visually if starting in the normal way is no longer possible.

One thing to keep in mind with iPhone is that devices running current operating systems may not be completely disabled even after they have been shut down. Apple has now refined its anti-theft protection via the “Where is?” system so that the devices can still be located over a longer period of time if this is desired by the user. The switch-off tone does not change that either.

[Update 12.10.22 13:36 Uhr:] Corrected menu structure.

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