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Apple’s switch to cutouts instead of notches and thinner bezels have an impact on the display diagonal.


We’ve known for a while that Apple will change the design of the iPhone screen this fall. The notch is replaced with circle-oval openings on the Pro models and the edges are slimmed down. But we didn’t know exactly what that meant in terms of screen dimensions…until now.


Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants and a regular source of Apple rumours, tweeted the screen sizes of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max along with those of the current 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. The 2022 models are taller, but not by much: the Pro is 0.06 inches (about 1.5mm) taller, while the Pro Max is just 0.01 inches (about 0.25mm) taller.

Again, these are screens with rounded corners, so screen diagonal is largely theoretical: it’s the distance between points where opposite corners would be if the screen were a rectangle.

Young states that the move is due “to the circle and oval instead of the notch, and narrower frames”, although it is not clear how the first factor affects diagonal spacing. The pinholes take up less space than the cutout, which means you get to see more pixels, but theoretically shouldn’t make a difference in screen size. As far as we can tell, the numbers above are only affected by the frames, so they’ve changed only slightly.

Indeed, and somewhat predictably, several Twitter users scoff at the changes, claiming that a hundredth of an inch is hardly a reason to switch (which is true enough) and repeating the general refrain that Apple isn’t innovating anymore. Of course, replacing the notch is the key change – and the fact that Apple is only making this change to the Pro models (and possibly giving them a newer generation of processors as well) will likely mean many switchers will opt for the more expensive models. Apple usually knows what it’s doing.

As for the reliability of the source, Young is generally someone you can count on. Until recently, he had a 100 percent hit rate on Apple Track, but that dropped to 92.9 percent after an error in the name of the new iPhone SE. He was also wrong in his predictions about the 27-inch iMac: Young was one of the people expecting a new iMac model in March – what we got was the Studio Display.

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