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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: These 5 mistakes Apple should avoid | apple iphone

Simon Lohmann

If Apple avoids the following five mistakes, the iPhone 14 will surely be one of the best smartphones of all time.


The iPhone 13 (Pro) has received a few useful improvements compared to its predecessor. But there was no big surprise. There are currently many rumors circulating about the iPhone 14 expected for this fall. Here are five mistakes Apple should avoid at all costs with the upcoming model.


1. The notch

Does the notch stay? Or will it be replaced by a punch-hole design, a pill cam, or an invisible front cam? No matter which option Apple chooses (and there really are many choices), there’s probably no right or wrong with this question. Notch lovers will find Apple’s big mistake in parting with the notch at the top of the screen. Notch haters, on the other hand, would certainly take offense at Apple if the notch were still present in the iPhone 14.

We’re as neutral as Switzerland: the notch isn’t exactly pretty, but we’ve gotten used to it by now. It is also a distinctive iPhone feature. Even at a distance of several meters, you can tell an iPhone from an Android smartphone. Which other smartphone already has a comparable unique selling point (even if an “ugly one”)? The biggest mistake Apple could make would be swapping out the notch for a run-of-the-mill punch-hole design. We already know that from countless Android smartphones and it’s nothing special anymore. We believe that Apple will come up with something unique for the notch – conceivable that only the Pro models will get the new notch design.

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2. 120 hertz display

Speaking of “Pro models only,” last year Apple finally introduced a Pro Motion screen to the iPhone. A feature that has been known from the Android competition for a long time. Unfortunately, the 120 Hertz display was only reserved for the Pro models, which is understandable from Apple’s point of view, after all the Pro models have to differ from the non-Pro devices. However, Apple should not be surprised if the incomprehension of its customers grows with such decisions. Why does the competition make it, for example, in a

300 euro entry-level smartphone
install a 120 Hertz display, while you have to pay at least 1,150 euros for the same feature at Apple? From our point of view, it would be a big mistake if Apple continued to only install the Pro Motion display in the Pro models.

3. Telephoto Camera

A 100x digital zoom in a smartphone? A few years ago, when manufacturers like Samsung first brought such features to their flagships, it was almost laughable. The technology behind the so-called “Space Zoom” was still in its infancy, such a strong zoom was not really useful. Today, however, this looks different: The 100x digital zoom in the new

Galaxy S22 Ultra (all information)
is not only useful, but almost better than many other “normal” telephoto cameras in a common mid-range smartphone. Apple offers a 15x digital zoom.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Apple is researching some kind of periscope system to improve its zoom. That would really be necessary, after all, the rest of the iPhone camera system is one of the best on the smartphone market. Only the expandable zoom (compared to the competition) gave the whole thing a bad aftertaste. If Apple can only show a small leap in success in terms of zoom in the iPhone 14, many users would certainly ask why Apple is still not as good as the competition.

4. Camera design

It’s no secret that Apple is very economical with design changes. The design was last changed with the iPhone 12, in which it became more angular and got more edges. We shouldn’t expect a completely new design for the iPhone 14, but we think Apple should tackle the camera design.

The triple arrangement of the camera module has existed since the iPhone 11 Pro, and since then it has become larger with the lenses from year to year. An optical difference – recognizable by the larger lenses – between the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro is possible for the trained Apple connoisseur eye, but quite difficult for rentals. The non-Pro models are of course easier to tell apart, since Apple switched to a diagonal layout here. However, should Apple stick with the current Pro camera design, it would become even more difficult to tell the Pro models from the 12, 13 and 14 generations apart.

5. Brighter colors

Unless, of course, Apple would introduce new colors with the iPhone 14 Pro. We had already hoped for an orange hue for the iPhone 13 Pro, instead Apple presented the iPhone 13 Pro last year in “Sierra Blue” – a slightly lighter blue than the iPhone 12 Pro (in the price comparison). Even if the iPhone always looks and feels elegant, simple and at the same time very high-quality, it would certainly not hurt Apple if it were to become even more colourful. The colorful iMacs and iPads are a first step in the right direction and should be even more prominent with the iPhone 14.

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