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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14: when mass production will begin | apple iphone

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News from China is said to indicate that Apple is already planning production. According to this, test production of the iPhone 14 is underway and Apple will mass produce it next month.


While analysts are publicly speculating about whether the iPhone 14 will sell well despite recessions and other concerns around the world, Apple seems confident of better sales than last year.


According to a report by 9to5Mac
Apple has given its suppliers a slightly higher sales forecast than last year. This information relates to a Chinese speaker

Article by iThome
but which can easily be translated into German with Safari, for example.

iPhone 14: Apple’s new strategy will annoy customers

Apple’s expectations are in line with those of Wall Street analysts, some of whom believe that in major economies in recession, Apple could outsell the smartphone industry as a whole. Because in the high-end smartphone market, which Apple prefers to serve, inflation could have less of an overall impact on Apple’s “relatively rich user base,” according to the analysts. Two people believed to be familiar with the iPhone supply chain matter said that despite signs that overall demand in the smartphone market has cooled, iPhone sales momentum remained strong in July.

Here we have summarized all the rumors about the iPhone 14 for you. We’ve also analyzed the speculated specs and tell you why the new iPhones are worth waiting for. And if you want to know in general when the next Apple keynotes are happening, check out this post. With regard to the iPhone, we’re guessing September 13th.

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