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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 will probably get a RAM upgrade, but is still behind Samsung and Co. | apple iphone

The iPhone 14 models should all have 6 GB of RAM, but they are different types of memory.  Source: Pixabay Unsplash

The iPhone 14 models should all have 6 GB of RAM, but they are different types of memory. Source: Pixabay/ Unsplash

According to new information, all iPhones of the 14 series will be equipped with 6 GB of RAM. For the non-Pro models, this is an upgrade of 2 GB, for the Pro models the amount of memory remains the same. But even with the upgrade, the new iPhones are still behind current models from Samsung and Co. But we’ll tell you here why that’s not so bad.

The latest information on the iPhone 14 comes from Taiwanese research firm Trend Force. in one current report provide precise information on the amount of memory and the type of main memory.

iPhone 14 could finally get an Android feature


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iPhone 14 could finally get an Android feature

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Accordingly, iPhone 14 models are to be equipped with 6 GB of RAM, with the Pro models getting the faster LPDDR5 RAM. The regular models still work with LPDDR4X, just like the iPhone 13. The LPDDR5 RAM has a 1.5 times higher data transfer rate while consuming around 30 percent less energy. You can find all the data in the table of the company:


The new iPhones could come onto the market with these specs.  Source: TrendForce

The new iPhones could come onto the market with these specs. Source: TrendForce

Apple continues to lag behind when it comes to RAM

With 6 GB of RAM for the upcoming iPhone generation, Apple’s flagship models are still behind the current generation of the biggest competitors from Samsung and Xiaomi. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is delivered with 8 or 12 GB RAM, with the Xiaomi 12 you can also choose between 8 and 12 GB. That’s sometimes twice what Apple offers.

However, it has always been the case that current iPhones generally have less RAM than their Android counterparts. This is simply because iPhones don’t need that much RAM. Apple has the advantage that they can adapt their operating system to their hardware. iOS only has to be optimized on Apple’s own chip, while Android has to take into account tons of different hardware combinations.

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Efficient management

In this way, Apple can make iOS’s RAM management much more efficient and accordingly needs less RAM overall to achieve the same or even better performance than Android colleagues. This is also reflected in a variety of benchmarkswhere iPhones with significantly less RAM can easily compete with high-end Android phones.

The iPhone 14 is expected to be unveiled at Apple’s September event along with other hardware. You can find more information and what we expect in this article:

When will the new iPhone 14 appear? Leak reveals more details

Do you know how much RAM your smartphone has? More than the new iPhones or less? And have you ever had performance problems because there wasn’t enough memory? Please let us know.

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