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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 with AirPods Pro for effectively 180 euros at O2 | apple iphone

Black Week is over, now the winter deals are coming at O2: Grab the current Apple flagship iPhone 14 for effectively €180 and get free AirPods Pro worth €269 (idealo)! O2 garnishes the offer with a €100 exchange bonus and donates the connection price of €39.99. Who can resist?

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The offer at a glance

  • device: iPhone 14 (128GB)
  • extra: AirPods Pro
  • down payment: one-off 13€
  • tariff: O2 Grow
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Basic charge: €50.99 per month
  • connection price: free (otherwise €39.99)
  • change bonus: 100€

iPhone 14: first class design

As the new workhorse from Apple, the iPhone 14 has a lot to offer. It impresses with its elegant aluminum frame in aerospace quality, its elegant glass back and its 6.1-inch OLED display. A special ceramic shield protects the display and the back from scratches and breakage so that the view remains flawless for a long time. But appearance is not everything, inner values ​​also count: the fast A15 bionic chip offers decent power for your favorite apps as well as gaming and video editing. The long-lasting battery provides sufficient energy, even on long working days.

There’s also something new on the front of the camera: the 12-megapixel camera now focuses automatically and takes sharp photos with vivid colors even in poor lighting conditions. Video recordings on the iPhone look best in cinema mode with 4K resolution. Stable thing: In action mode, a special stabilization mode ensures that your action videos remain smooth. And if things get a little dirtier, your iPhone 14 is protected against splash water and dust thanks to IP68 certification.

The iPhone 14 in blue back
the 12 MP ultra wide-angle camera easily captures panoramas, group photos or large objects in the distance 120 degree field of view a. © Apple / Imtest

O2 Grow: up to 240 gigabytes per month

The Apple iPhone 14 comes in a bundle with the growing tariff O2 Grow. It initially offers 40 GB of high-speed data volume per month. The monthly high-speed volume increases by 10 GB every 12 months. So in the second year you have 50 GB per month with high speed, in the third year 60 GB and so on. After 20 years, the maximum of 240 GB is reached. In order to make optimal use of this overwhelming data quota, the “O2 Connect” option is included in the tariff. This allows up to 10 mobile devices to surf the web at the same time with the data volume of your O2 Grow tariff. Perfect for your new iPhone 14 and other devices such as an Apple Watch, a mobile hotspot or your family’s tablets and gaming consoles. The O2 Grow tariff at a glance:

  • Telephone and SMS flat rate in all German networks
  • up to 2 multicards and 7 data cards
  • 40 GB high-speed volume + 10 GB every 12 months
  • up to 300Mbps LTE/5G
  • EU roaming

Top deal with iPhone 14 at the best price

The Winter Deal from O2 is perfect for giving yourself or your loved ones an early Christmas present and saving big at the same time. Because the cheapest offer at idealo for that Apple iphone 14 is 888€. But with the Winter Deal you only pay €589 and save almost €300! The bill: The O2 Grow tariff costs €34.99 without a smartphone. The Winter Deal with iPhone 14 costs €50.99 per month. Mathematically, €16 per month is an “additional payment” on the smartphone. Seen over the term, you effectively only pay €576 for the iPhone + €13 down payment = €589.


But that’s not all: €269 savings come on top of that, because this is the cheapest offer at idealo for the Apple Air Pods Pro 2, which is included in this deal for free. If you add the €100 switching bonus and the saved connection price of €39.99, the total discount with the winter deal is a whopping €707.99! So you effectively pay around €180 for the iPhone 14 bang price for the Apple flagship.

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