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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 with eSIM is becoming more likely as more and more people use the technology | apple iphone

from Sarah Petzold
The iPhone 14 could be launched in an eSIM-only variant. According to analysts, such a model is becoming more and more likely because an increasing number of mobile phone users are relying on the new technology.

Analysts have been believing for a few months that Apple will eventually release an eSIM-only iPhone. Because a Wall Street Journal report now shows that more and more people in Europe and Asia, but also in the USA, are exclusively using eSIM technology instead of physical SIM cards, a pure eSIM iPhone 14 is becoming more and more likely.

Expert says: eSIMs are the future

Emma Mohr-McClune, analyst at GlobalData, already said in January 2022 that Apple would probably choose an interim solution and not rely directly and exclusively on eSIM:


We don’t think Apple […] wants to get rid of all existing systems and switch all users to eSIMs, but will instead launch an eSIM-only variant of its upcoming new model – while keeping the dual eSIM-plus-physical-SIM model for the mass market and the main mobile operators. Therefore, we anticipate that telcos will have a choice in stocking and selling a new eSIM-only iPhone variant [….].

Such a scenario, as suggested by Mohr-McClune, seems all the more likely given the Wall Street Journal report. Apple itself already offers the iPhone 13 the option of using two eSIMs in one device, so there is no longer the advantage of an additional physical SIM card.


Jeff Howard, vice president of mobile devices and accessories at US provider AT&T, described the switch to an eSIM-only model as a “natural evolution” that will improve the user experience over the long term. The Head of Strategy at Amdocs, an eSIM company, Anthony Goonetilleke emphasized the security benefits of eSIM. Meanwhile, Apple itself has not yet officially announced whether there will be an eSIM-only model of the iPhone 14.

Source: Wall Street Journal (via 9to5Mac)

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