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Iphone 14 | iPhone 14 with satellite emergency call: This is how the feature works | apple iphone

Cell phone reception often leaves a lot to be desired in hiking areas, but also in large areas of the German autobahn. But in the event of an accident in particular, this can quickly have devastating consequences. With the iPhone 14 you can also contact help if you don’t have a network at the moment.

Telephoning via satellite: This is possible with the iPhone 14

In this respect, the iPhone 14 outshines all Apple predecessors. However, it should be noted that telephoning via satellite is only reserved for emergency calls. You can only reach your friends or relatives via the normal cell phone network.

The fact that it is even possible is thanks to special components “that are deeply integrated into the software so that antennas can connect directly to a satellite”, explained Apple. So that you can rely on it in an emergency, Apple is apparently considering even letting you test the function. Like The Verge reportedresourceful fans have discovered corresponding code snippets in the beta of iOS 16.1.


So you should be able to familiarize yourself with the iPhone 14 feature without it already having to be a real emergency. The function will also not be rolled out until November. There are also some other limitations to Apple’s emergency satellite service.

Attention: These restrictions do exist

A satellite connection is also very slow with the new iPhone 14. It may take several minutes for your messages to be transmitted. Therefore, before calling via satellite, your smartphone will guide you through a small questionnaire. For example, start by specifying the nature of the emergency, such as a car accident, fire, or injuries. The iPhone 14 display will then show you where you should ideally hold your mobile phone in order to get the best reception for the satellite emergency call. Apple employees will take care of delivering your message.

It is much more annoying, however, that for the time being only users from Canada and the USA can call for help via satellite. However, some other countries are to follow later this year. And in 2023, according to MacRumors, Apple wants the service directly massively expand. But after about two years, the iPhone 14 function should also be subject to a charge. It is not yet known how high a subscription or something similar will be.


Sources: Apple, MacRumors, The Verge

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