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Iphone 14 | Is the iPhone 14 Max delayed? | apple iphone

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According to rumors from the supply chain, the display production for the iPhone 14 Max is lagging behind.


If all goes according to plan, Apple will finally unveil the iPhone 14 in a matter of months because few things are as certain as an Apple event in September. This time, however, something could change in detail, according to a report by analyst Ross Young (


via 9to5mac
), because it is said that things are not looking very rosy with the iPhone 14 Max at the moment.

According to Young, the display for the first 6.7-inch “normal” iPhone is backlogged. In comparison, the capacities of the iPhone 14 Pro Max are said to be around three times higher than those of the iPhone 14 Max. The two devices are said to share the same screen size, but the underlying technology is different. Just like the iPhone 13, the Pro models are said to support Pro Motion, Apple’s technology for adaptive refresh rates of up to 120 Hz, while the normal models continue to use a fixed refresh rate.

However, whether that means the iPhone 14 Max will appear later is unclear. A staggered release like the 12 series would be conceivable. Back then, the normal iPhones, the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro, were launched at the same time, while the iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max were only launched four weeks later. In addition, the supply chain still has almost two months to make up for the delay so that there are enough iPhones for the first few weeks.

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