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Iphone 14 | Last minute name change? Apple website mentions iPhone 14 Max instead of “Plus” › Macerkopf | apple iphone

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Shortly before the September keynote, we were still wondering what Apple will call its new 6.7-inch standard iPhone. It was a neck and neck race between “iPhone 14 Max” and “iPhone 14 Plus”. Finally, the well-known “Plus” addition has been awarded the contract. The decision could have been closer than one might think. At least that’s what a new find on Apple’s website suggests.

Iphone 14 | Last minute name change? Apple website mentions iPhone 14 Max instead of "Plus" › Macerkopf | apple iphone |

Clues found about the iPhone 14 Max

Newly discovered references to the iPhone 14 Plus as “iPhone 14 Max” suggest this was the name originally intended for the 6.7-inch device, before the company last-minute changed its mind. So had iCreate found out that Apple still occasionally refers to the iPhone 14 Plus as “iPhone 14 Max” on its own website.


Apple has one support article with an overview of all iPhone models. The said original name can be found here in a file name. If you do that Image of the iPhone 14 Plus saves, the original naming is shown: iPhone-14-max-colors. Also in Apple’s newsroom there is still talk of the iPhone 14 Max – but you have to search a long time for it. The name is in the alt tag of an image.

It can be assumed that Apple will soon remove the last traces of the “iPhone 14 Max”. So Apple already has on its website updated for compliance information for the company’s products. In addition to the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the “iPhone 14 Max” with the model number of the iPhone 14 Plus was also recently listed here.

The fact that the name “iPhone 14 Plus” finally won the race could be because there are major differences between the base and Pro models this year and Apple wants to avoid possible consumer confusion. Customers might think that anything with “Max” in its name must have all available features. The ‘Plus’ designation would thus more clearly indicate that you’re getting a little more than the base model, without implying that you’re getting everything the range has to offer.

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