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Iphone 14 | Most expensive Mac ever not even worth an iPhone 14 anymore | apple iphone

The fact that technology loses value over time is nothing special. However, the drop in value of the current Mac Pro is remarkable. Top models that were more expensive than a Tesla in 2019 are practically worth nothing today. The cult manufacturer is stingy when exchanging it.


Recently, Apple, among other things new MacBook Pros with M2 chip presented. There was a slight price increase for professional notebooks, they now start at 2,399 euros. The trade-in values ​​that Apple grants on old devices are all the more important. The well-known influencer David Imel thought so too – and experienced a nasty surprise.


Mac Pro trade-in value plummets

Apple only wanted to pay 970 US dollars (equivalent to around 895 euros) for the Mac Pro, which he uses at his employer. However, it cost a whopping 52,199 US dollars (equivalent to around 48,207 euros) to purchase. Basically, Apple pays for a Mac Pro a maximum of 1,190 euros.

“What else has lost 50x its value in the last 3 years apart from cryptocurrencies?” Imel asked in shock on Twitter.

One comparison is particularly bitter: For the equivalent of 895 euros, Apple currently does not even have an iPhone 14. Even the cheapest version costs just under 1,000 euros.

The new MacBook Pro from Apple:


MacBook Pro and Mac mini 2023: Apple’s new computers presented

Apple and the Mac Pro: Buy cheap, sell high

The Mac Pro’s skyrocketing trade-in value is notable for two reasons. First is the professional calculator still available from Apple at the original price. If you want a new Mac Pro from Apple, you have to pay at least 6,499 euros and can – depending on the equipment variant – raise it to almost 60,000 euros.

On the other hand Apple sells refurbished Mac Pros in its refurbished store. Here, for example, there are used models for around 13,000 euros (picture below).

Buy cheap, sell high: This is how Apple proceeds with the trade-in of the Mac Pro. (Image source: Apple)

That means: No matter how expensive a Mac Pro used to be and how good the equipment is – Apple pays a maximum of 1,190 euros. On the other hand, he has no problems selling the purchased devices to the public for a lot of money in the refurbished store.

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