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Iphone 14 | Mujjo Leather Case & Wallet: are these the best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro? | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | Mujjo Leather Case & Wallet: are these the best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro? | apple iphone | Mujjo Leather Cases u Wallet iPhone 14 Pro 2

With the release of the new iPhone 14 (Pro/Max) generation, the market for corresponding accessories is also growing significantly. One manufacturer that has given us positive reactions in the past is Mujjo. Until the summer of this year, the company still belonged to the Dutchman Remy Nagelmaeker, but was then sold to the British company Troubadour Goods. The name, product categories and design remained the same.

After the release of the iPhone 14 Pro generation and the accessories from Mujjo, which appeared almost simultaneously, I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the new accessories for my iPhone in the last few weeks. In addition to the Mujjo full leather case in tan, a cognac brown, and monaco blue, a navy blue, I was also provided with the full leather wallet with a credit card slot in black and the brand new Mujjo MagSafe wallet in monaco blue.

I have to admit in advance: I have already protected several iPhone generations with Mujjo’s full leather case in the past and have always been impressed by the good quality of the leather, the precise fit and the stylish design. So maybe I’m a bit biased, but after the takeover by Troubadour Goods I was even more excited to see if Mujjo could continue to offer the usual good quality.

Good news: The packaging is completely plastic-free

Iphone 14 | Mujjo Leather Case & Wallet: are these the best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro? | apple iphone | Mujjo Leather Cases u Wallet iPhone 14 Pro

The leather cases I was sent in the three colors black, tan and monaco blue were each delivered in a stylish box, which fortunately did not use any plastic material at all. The manufacturer has also promised some new features for the iPhone 14 (Pro/Max) cases.

All Mujjo cases now use vegetable-tanned leather from the Netherlands, which is said to develop a beautiful patina over time. After a few weeks of use, none of this can be seen on my cases, but this should happen in the first year. The buttons on the sides have also been revised and are now made of metal that matches the color of the leather. This further improved the click and responsiveness of the buttons – and I could already notice that more than once in everyday life.

Camera setup is specially protected

Iphone 14 | Mujjo Leather Case & Wallet: are these the best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro? | apple iphone | Mujjo Full Leather Case iPhone 14 Pro

The interior of the case is lined with Japanese microfiber, which is also lightweight and durable, protecting the iPhone from scratches and dirt. A raised elevation around the rear camera also ensures safety for the lenses that protrude particularly on the iPhone 14 Pro/Max. To protect the display, the leather rises about a millimeter above the edge of the glass: This creates an elevation that keeps rough surfaces away from the edge.

For the first time, the Mujjo Full Leather and Wallet Cases also have a MagSafe function. The leather sleeves integrate Apple’s circular magnet technology for fast wireless charging and compatibility with compatible MagSafe accessories. Mujjo himself also plans to introduce his own MagSafe accessories shortly. There were no safety concerns with my Full Leather Cases for iPhone 14 Pro regarding the strength of the MagSafe magnets: everything worked as one would expect from MagSafe-compatible protective cases, with a strong magnetic force that kept my iPhone smoothly and firmly in my Satechi MagSafe kept standing on the desk.

I am particularly impressed by the slim dimensions of the Mujjo Full Leather Case, which is hardly bulky but still offers excellent protection for my iPhone 14 Pro. At 29 grams, the Mujjo Full Leather Case also weighs less than all other comparable back cases in my collection – despite the integrated MagSafe magnet.

Both the Mujjo Full Leather Case and the Mujjo Leather Wallet Case are in Webshop from the manufacturer at a price of 52.95 euros in the three colors black, tan and monaco blue for all iPhone 14 models, including the Pro and Max variants. In terms of quality, the Mujjo cases are in no way inferior to the leather cases from Apple, for which 69 euros are now being charged.

Mujjo MagSafe Wallet: Space for up to three credit cards

Iphone 14 | Mujjo Leather Case & Wallet: are these the best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro? | apple iphone | Mujjo MagSafe Wallet 1

If you want to take several credit cards with you in addition to your iPhone, you can use the new Mujjo MagSafe Wallet, which has been available since the beginning of the month. The Mujjo Leather Wallet Case has a slot for a credit or customer card on the back, but if you have more cards to transport, you need more space.

This is where Mujjo’s new MagSafe wallet comes into play, which of course works well with the MagSafe-compatible leather cases. In terms of design, the new release is very similar to Apple’s wallet and offers space for up to three credit cards. The Mujjo MagSafe wallet can be used with all iPhones that support MagSafe technology, including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 generation. You can choose to use it directly on the back of the iPhone or on a MagSafe case.

Inside, Japanese microfiber also provides a satin-like finish and special protection for the credit cards, and on the back there are thin silicone strips in addition to the hidden MagSafe magnet for increased slip resistance. The cards can be accessed from above, below or behind. A metal spring inside keeps the credit cards securely in place, regardless of whether you have inserted one, two or three cards.

My Monaco Blue MagSafe Wallet attached easily to my iPhone 14 Pro. Due to the size of the iPhone model and the size of the wallet, it can be a little tricky to put or remove the credit cards in or out of the wallet when the wallet is still attached to the device. The card quickly bumps up against the camera setup on the back. It is therefore advisable to remove the wallet beforehand and then store or remove the cards. The lower practical cut-out in the leather is also helpful: You can help with your thumb and press a little so that the card slides out of the wallet at the top. However, security concerns about cards falling out can be pushed aside, since the metal spring installed inside only holds one credit card securely in the wallet.

Silicone strips ensure slip resistance

Iphone 14 | Mujjo Leather Case & Wallet: are these the best accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro? | apple iphone | Mujjo MagSafe Wallet 2

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that the MagSafe magnetic connection isn’t rock-solid. If you like to wear skin-tight jeans and want to put the iPhone and the attached wallet in your pocket, you could run into problems. However, the Mujjo MagSafe Wallet is well suited for normal everyday purposes, because of the silicone strips on the back, nothing slips so quickly. The MagSafe wallet is actually best held directly on the iPhone, since this is where the silicone strips of the wallet and the matt-smooth back of the device meet and the best grip is given.

The Mujjo MagSafe Wallet is also in Webshop from the manufacturer is available in the three leather colors of black, tan and Monaco Blue at a price of 42.95 euros. Here, too, is the direct comparison: Apple charges 69 euros for its own MagSafe wallet in the Apple Online Store.

My conclusion for the new Mujjo accessories for the iPhone 14 (Pro/Max) is correspondingly positive. The manufacturer also shows with the new generation of its leather cases that you can be good – and in some areas even better – competition for Apple’s back cases, and at a price that is still lower than the Apple original cases. With the integration of MagSafe technology and the new MagSafe wallet from its own production, Mujjo can stand up to Apple. For me personally, the Mujjo Full Leather Case is one of the best accessories you can get for the current iPhone 14.

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