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Iphone 14 | New premium cell phones presented: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Will it be tight for Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max? | apple iphone

New premium cell phones presented
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Is it getting tight for Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max?

February 1, 2023 could be a very special day for smartphone fans with a penchant for top quality: With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, the manufacturer is presenting its new premium smartphone. This is the most important information!

If you don’t want an iPhone, but still want a premium smartphone, you can’t avoid Samsung’s upper class. The manufacturer has already scored points with first-class displays, super-fast processors and excellent cameras in the past.

Iphone 14 | New premium cell phones presented: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Will it be tight for Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max? | apple iphone | tb

The freshly introduced Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is the manufacturer’s ultimate and seems to be one of the best alternatives to the iPhone 14 Pro Max – and thanks to the included stylus (S Pen), it even has a feature that Apple doesn’t offer on its cell phones. Here are the details!

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has that on the box

Samsung promises a lot here: An octa-core processor should ensure a lot of steam under the hood. This is not only important for, for example, smooth gaming and a generally brisk working pace, but also for the camera and photos.

Here the S23 offers a video editor that would only work sluggishly without the necessary computing power. But even more important: An AI automatically adjusts the camera settings before you start snapping – and that is also only possible with the necessary power under the hood.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: price too high, what to do?

Iphone 14 | New premium cell phones presented: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Will it be tight for Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max? | apple iphone | tb

If you don’t want to shell out the full purchase price of just under 1,600 euros for the 512 GB version right away, you will find a lucrative offer at o2. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can be pre-ordered in conjunction with the “Free M Boost” plan (40 GB). On top there is even the Galaxy Watch5 LTE for free. Anyone who has and likes trades in their old smartphone. There is a further discount of up to 150 euros. These are the most important key data:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (512GB) with o2 Free M Boost
  • Telephone and SMS flat rate within Germany
  • 40 GB data volume in the 5G network from o2 (up to 300 Mbit/s)
  • Monthly basic fee: EUR 64.99 (for 36 monthly installments)
  • Free addition: Samsung Galaxy Watch5 LTE
  • up to 150 euros exchange bonus for an old device

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra pre-order promotion

A pleasant installment payment with a suitable 5G contract as with o2 should be the optimal solution for many. But if you have been satisfied with your provider for a long time and are not afraid of a comparatively high one-off payment, you will find a good option for the S23 Ultra at Media Markt. There, pre-orderers receive the cell phone with 512 gigabytes of memory for the price of the S23 Ultra with 256 gigabytes. A good deal, you save 180 euros in one fell swoop.

Real bargain hunters also trade in their old mobile phones. At least another 120 euros are free for this Media Markt campaign.

This is how the exchange works:

  1. Buy a smartphone from the Galaxy S23 series and register by March 19, 2023 at the latest.
  2. Hand in the old device when you pick it up at the store or send it in by March 31, 2023.

Samsung S23 Ultra: The camera can do that

Speaking of the camera: Samsung promises the best camera in its current high-end smartphones – and if that’s true, that’s a compelling selling point. An extra-large sensor should also ensure good lighting conditions at night, which was already the case with the predecessor, for example. An improvement can be expected with the current model, since the camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone for users. This is what the cameras offer in quick succession:

  • 200 megapixels (wide angle), 10 megapixels (tele1), 12 megapixels (ultra wide angle), 10 megapixels (tele2)

  • 8K resolution videos

S23 Ultra: Big phone, big battery

The battery performance is also important for many – and Samsung wants to go a step further with the S23 Ultra. For example, the manufacturer puts video playback at up to 26 hours, music should even be able to play up to 99 hours.

Galaxy S23 Ultra: The largest smartphone in its class

The Samsung S23 Ultra will be the biggest new Samsung phone in this series. It offers a 6.8 inch screen. An AMOLED screen provides rich colors with lots of brightness and contrast. The stylus already mentioned makes operation even easier for many.

Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Looking at the data, the S23 Ultra is a tech heavyweight that will likely end up in the top 3 smartphones in forthcoming tests. Admittedly, the price is steep, but it is also comparable to Apple’s premium league. But you get pretty much the best that is currently available in the smartphone world.

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