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Iphone 14 | Only 19 euros for the iPhone 14? Hammer bundle with Telekom tariff | apple iphone

Anyone looking for a new tariff and also interested in the iPhone 14 could currently find what you are looking for in the tariff shop at MediaMarkt: Here’s the top mobile phone from Apple namely in the tariff bundle for 39.96 euros per month – and with a simple trick you can save a lot on the price of the device.

Telekom tariff bundle: what is on offer?

First, let’s take a look at the plan itself: At Telekom Magenta Mobil M 5G you are allowed to use 20 GB per month in the excellent network of telecom surf. The network impresses above all with its high availability, good network density and strong transmission power, and it has recently been voted best network. So if you live outside of the big cities, you could notice a difference after the change and suddenly surf much better and faster. In addition to mobile data, you can also make calls and send text messages to all German networks free of charge. The minimum contract term is 24 months.

You get all this, in combination with the iPhone 14, for 39.96 euros per month. The special thing about this is that you pay just under 10 euros a month under the individual tariff price at the telecom lie. In addition to the one-off connection costs of 39.99 euros, the device price for your iPhone is just 69 euros. If that is still too much for you, you can make use of the 50-euro exchange bonus and thus the price for the Apple– Squeeze mobile phone to 19 euros – not a bad deal, right?

The iPhone 14 at a glance

And for these 19 euros you get with the iPhone 14 an absolute top-of-the-range mobile phone: The smartphone comes with Apple’s own Bionic A15 Processor powered – still one of the fastest on the market. Meanwhile, the 6 GB of RAM ensure a smooth experience. With iOS 16, you are up to date with the operating system. The iPhone can also score points with its 6.1-inch display: thanks to its relatively small size, the mobile phone not only feels good in the hand, but at the same time the OLED display provides a great view resolution and clear images.

Speaking of pictures, you snap them on the iPhone 14 using a TrueDepth camera and a supporting ultra-wide-angle camera, each with 12 megapixels. You can also rely on optical image stabilization. The front camera is also 12 megapixels, so your selfies should look good too. You can shoot 4K videos with both the front and rear cameras. So that you have enough space for your pictures and videos, the iPhone 14 in this bundle has 128 GB of storage space. But be careful: there is no microSD slot.

Iphone 14 | Only 19 euros for the iPhone 14? Hammer bundle with Telekom tariff | apple iphone | glyph shop shopping
Iphone 14 | Only 19 euros for the iPhone 14? Hammer bundle with Telekom tariff | apple iphone | glyph sponsored shopping

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