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Iphone 14 | Our memories of Steve Jobs | Rumors about iPhone 14, AirPods 3, iMac M1X – Now in the apple chat! | apple iphone

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apple chat » Our memories of Steve Jobs | Rumors about iPhone 14, AirPods 3, iMac M1X – Now in the apple chat!

Iphone 14 | Our memories of Steve Jobs | Rumors about iPhone 14, AirPods 3, iMac M1X - Now in the apple chat! | apple iphone | AP Designs

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The new Apple Watch Series 7 goes on sale tomorrow, so that’s of course also a topic in today’s apple chat. We also talk again about the new iPhones and iOS 15, of course there are also rumors and prospects. So I would like to welcome you to today’s issue 209.

But as usual, we start with a little post from you, which also leads us straight to our topics. We’ll talk a little more about further experiences with our new iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max models and go into some features of iOS 15. Furthermore, we talk about innovations of the upcoming updates for the camera, which are already beginning to emerge in the most recent betas.

chapter marks

  • 00:00:00: Listener mail: battery capacity after 1 year | When is the new big iMac coming? | iPhone 13 experiences
  • 00:18:00: Experiences with iPhone 13 and iOS 15
  • 00:36:00: iPhone 14 rumors
  • 00:43:10: Our sponsor “LanguageTool” (use now for free)
  • 00:46:15: Apple Watch S7 is coming / AirPods 3, MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, Carplay rumors
  • 01:15:15: Facebook failure: too much power at 1 company?
  • 01:32:30: 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death – Our memories of the Apple founder

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iPhone 14 with a notch?

There were also some rumors about the iPhone 14: This is supposed to come with a notch, but without Touch ID – sad, we say.

Are the AirPods 3 and new MacBooks coming this year?

Supposedly yes, we just don’t really know when and how they will be launched. The same applies to the new MacBook Pro in 14 and 16 inches. But there were recently some more details about the new M1X chip.

Facebook stutters and half the world is amazed

Of course, we also talk a little about the severe outage that Facebook had to record recently. We have reported extensively on this and let the show follow some more fundamental thoughts on this bizarre event.

memory of steve

And finally, let’s talk about Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder who died ten years ago yesterday passed away and not only built Apple, but also led to its later huge successes with the iPhone, iPad and the modern Mac.

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