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Iphone 14 | Pixel 7 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro compared: Google vs. Apple | apple iphone

When looking for a new smartphone, the first question is: Android or iOS? In this comparison, we focus on the two current Pro models from Google and Apple. In doing so, we clarify the question of who is best suited to which model.

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Google and Apple currently have two powerful Pro models in the portfolio, which can convince in all categories. Here we compare that Pixel 7 Pro with the iPhone 14 Pro. As is so often the case, the differences are in the details:

Quick comparison: Pixel 7 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro

display and housing

display size

6.7 inches 6.1 inches


3120×1440 pixels 2556×1179 pixels

pixel density

512 ppi 460 ppi




120Hz 120Hz

Dimensions size

162.9×76.6×8.9mm 147.5×71.5×7.85mm


glass (back), aluminum (frame) glass (back), metal (frame)


212g 206g

performance characteristics


Google Tensor G2 A16 Bionic

clock rate

Up to 2.85GHz Up to 3.4GHz



upper class upper class

Installed RAM


Internal memory

128 / 256GB 128/256/512/1000GB

battery power

5000mAh capacity

Battery life

Video playback: Up to 23 hh


fingerprint FaceID

operating system

Android 13 (factory) iOS 16 (factory)


main camera

50 (wide angle) + 12 (ultra wide angle) + 48 (telephoto) 48 (wide angle), 12 (ultra wide angle), 12 (telephoto)

front camera

10.8 (ultra wide angle) MP 12MP



USB-C Lightning

Dual SIM

Yes Yes


Yes Yes


Yes Yes


Yes Yes



From 899 euros (RRP) From 1299 euros (RRP)

Buy now

Buy now

Design: recognition value on both sides

Apple and Google both rely on a striking design: the iPhone 14 Pro presents itself with extremely high quality materials and the new Dynamic Island, which replaces the notch from its predecessor. The Pixel 7 Pro has from Google a prominent camera bar get donated, which runs horizontally across the back of the cell phone. Google also uses glass and metal, but cannot quite reach the luxury standard of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Performance: Apple continues to be king

The Android inventor has been breaking new ground for two generations and is continuing his Google pixel phones now on in-house chips. The drive in the Pixel 7 Pro is called Tensor G2 and – just like its predecessor – was developed in cooperation with Samsung. The chip is flanked by a whopping 12 GB of RAM, which is particularly pleasing for multitasking fans. The bottom line is that the Pixel 7 Pro cannot quite keep up with the iPhone 14 Pro:

According to Apple, the A16 chip is the fastest chip in a smartphone to date. This is confirmed by various benchmarks in which the A16 far outperforms the Tensor G2. Added to this is the strong interaction with iOS. Even if the Google chip has enough power for performance-hungry tasks: In the performance category, the point goes to the iPhone 14 Pro.

Battery: Pixel smartphones are convincing

The battery life of smartphones has become the focus of developers in recent years. Google and Apple can also show impressive runtimes with their current models: The iPhone 14 Pro manages “up to 23 hours of video playback” – impressive. That iPhone 14 Pro Max (test here) offers an even longer battery life of up to 28 hours, but due to its size it also has more space available for the battery.

iPhone 14 Pro

No, that’s not USB-C: Apple still works with a Lightning connector to charge the phone (© 2022 CURVED )

The Pixel 7 Pro offers a battery life of “more than 24 hours”. With the help of the extreme energy saving mode, you can even do that stretch to over 72 hours. The pure runtime is very good for both models in comparison, while the Pixel 7 Pro lasts a bit longer. Similar conditions can also be seen when it comes to charging:

Comparison of loading speeds

  • iPhone 14 Pro Charging speed: 20W (Lightning), 15W (MagSafe), 7.5W (Qi)
  • Pixel 7 Pro Charging speed: 23W (USB-PD), 23W (Pixel Stand), 12W (Qi)

Camera: Both at top level

First of all: With both models you get a smartphone camera at the top level. While the iPhone 14 Pro’s bokeh effect appears slightly more accurate, the Pixel 7 Pro’s ultra-wide lens has a slightly larger field of view. The you will find the biggest difference in the zoom: While the iPhone 14 Pro “only” delivers a 3x optical zoom, the Pixel 7 Pro offers a 5x optical zoom. In contrast to a purely digital zoom, lossless enlargement is possible here.

The duel at eye level continues in the video area: both models have one strong image stabilization and deliver impressive exposure values ​​with realistic colors. At 4K with 60 fps is with both cell phones in this comparison ends. Also the Front cameras are on par.

Main cameras in comparison

  • iPhone 14 Pro: 48MP wide angle, 12MP telephoto and 12MP ultra wide angle
  • Pixel 7 Pro: 50 MP wide angle, 48 MP telephoto and 12 MP ultra wide angle

iPhone 14 Pro camera

The large lenses of the iPhone 14 Pro (image) do a lot (© 2022 CURVED )

Conclusion: Pixel 7 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro

The duel between Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro is on a comparison at eye level in many areas. While the iPhone 14 Pro has more performance and iOS, the Pixel 7 Pro delivers slightly better battery and camera values. At long last mainly depends on the operating system about which model is better for you: Android fans reach for the Pixel 7 Pro, while iOS fans do iPhone Select.

The biggest difference, however, is the price. You currently pay for the iPhone 14 Pro in the smallest storage variant from 1299 euros (As of January 2023). You already get the Pixel 7 Pro from 860 euros (As of January 2023). If you want to save in both cases, you should go for a combination with one cheap mobile phone tariff to grab. In this way you spread the costs over several months and benefit from discounts. Iphone 14 | Pixel 7 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro compared: Google vs. Apple | apple iphone | 10b6c10ba2624889b0bc2d64b444a2e9

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