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Iphone 14 | Pro photo app Halide boosts zoom on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max | apple iphone

With the new version of the alternative Camera app Halide it is now possible to achieve a higher zoom level – at least with the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The new feature is in Version 2.10 of the applicationwhich has recently been available in Apple’s app store.


The so-called virtual zoom doubles the zoom performance of the iPhone 14 Pro, which optically has a triple zoom. Halide takes advantage of the fact that the new sensor in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max can take pictures of up to 48 megapixels. A double zoom level is possible on a 12-megapixel image – the previous standard resolution of the iPhone – without any loss of quality. The Halide makers call this “intelligent-binned 2x zoom”.

The ability to quickly switch between 12- and 48-megapixel photos has also been integrated, a function that the official Apple camera app unfortunately lacks. The app has also become faster internally and knows focus peaking or manual focus for depth mode. The previous version 2.9 had already been adapted for taking photos with 48 megapixels and can do this in HEIC and JPEG mode.


Halide is sold either on a subscription basis or as a lifetime license. If you subscribe to the software monthly, you pay 3 euros, and 12.50 euros per year. If you want a one-time purchase, you pay 70 euros. Halide is aimed at users who are looking for professional functions that the Apple camera app lacks or that are only cumbersome to use there. There are also significantly more fine adjustments.

The app is regularly updated to accommodate new iPhone features. iOS 16 is supported with lockscreen widgets, among other things, and there is also support for the Apple Watch, which can be used for remote control. Halide runs from iOS 14 and also offers various functions on older iPhones.

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