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Iphone 14 | Production expansion stopped. iPhone 14 not selling as well as hoped. | apple iphone

Not quite as many people as hoped want to get their hands on an iPhone 14.
Not quite as many people as hoped want to get their hands on an iPhone 14.


Apple has instructed its suppliers to refrain from a planned expansion of production for the iPhone 14.

Apple’s hopes of increased demand for the iPhone 14 have not materialized. As “Bloomberg” reports, Apple has informed its suppliers that an originally targeted additional production of six million iPhones in the second half of the year will no longer be carried out.

Instead, around 90 million iPhones are now to be produced during this period, about as many as last year. However, there are shifts in the distribution of production among the individual models. The Pro version of the iPhone 14 is in greater demand this year than with previous models.


Few innovations and strong dollar

There are several possible reasons for the seemingly disappointing prospects for iPhone production. For one thing, the standard iPhone 14 this year came with far fewer new features compared to its direct predecessor than in previous years. This may have kept some users from upgrading.

Then, of course, the global economic situation will also affect Apple. The strong US dollar led to significant price increases in the euro zone and in Asia, which is also likely to have depressed demand. In China alone, demand for new iPhones fell by 11 percent year-on-year.

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