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Iphone 14 | Production of the iPhone 14 Plus turned back? | Use Apple Fitness+ without an Apple Watch | apple iphone

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Daybreak Apple » Production of the iPhone 14 Plus turned back? | Using Apple Fitness+ without an Apple Watch | New Siri Features on Apple TV – Daybreak Apple

Iphone 14 | Production of the iPhone 14 Plus turned back? | Use Apple Fitness+ without an Apple Watch | apple iphone | DayBreak 1536x865 1

Good morning, it’s Friday again! Apple already seems to be turning back production of the new iPhone 14 Plus. We’ll figure out what’s going on. In addition, Apple Fitness+ will soon be able to be used without an Apple Watch, and Siri will have new functions on the Apple TV. The news of the day.


Production of the iPhone 14 Plus restricted

The market launch of the iPhone 14 Plus was not even a month ago and Apple is already cutting production again. More precisely, at least one manufacturer of components has completely stopped manufacturing, as claimed by anonymous sources. This strengthens the weak forecasts for the start of sales of the smartphone. It remains to be seen whether the iPhone 14 Plus will remain a flop in the long run.

Apple Fitness+ will soon work without an Apple Watch

Until now, if you wanted to use Apple Fitness+, you definitely needed an Apple Watch. The watch is used to record heart rate and movement data. This limitation will be lifted from October 24th, from then on the sports programs will also be accessible without an Apple Smartwatch. Another new feature is that Apple Fitness+ is included free of charge with some US health plans and a senior exercise program. If and when this option will come to us is not known.

tvOS 16.1 includes new features for Siri

With tvOS 16.1, the Apple TV will receive some changes that have not yet been mentioned. Specifically, it should be about improvements for Siri. The voice assistant should soon be able to recognize the user’s voice on the Apple TV and access their individual content such as music or series. In addition, the user interface for voice input only appears as a compact bubble in the lower right corner.


Briefly noted

  • watchOS 9.1 will also be released next week. With this update among other things, it will be possible to download songs from Apple Music even without charging the watch.
  • Apple shows up again strong on the world market. While the market for smartphones is shrinking, the iPhone continues to expand its share.
  • YouTube hides more and more functions behind a PayPall. The 4K resolution should, however continue to be available for free.

Here we are at the end of our summary. We wish you a nice weekend!

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