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Iphone 14 | Protection for iPhone 14 Pro: Good sleeves, cases & bulletproof glass for Apple smartphones | apple iphone

That iPhone 14 Pro can be distinguished from its predecessor iPhone 13 Pro by the even larger cameras that protrude further, but otherwise it is visually very similar to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. However, the new always-on display also shows information when it is idle, so many users will leave the smartphone lying around in the open. Of course, it’s more likely to be wiped off the table and fall roughly on the floor. That’s why we recommend cases with additional protection against falls.


Of course, Apple has again added a new color to this iPhone Pro. The dark purple, which also appears a bit lighter depending on the viewing angle, is nice to look at. Of course, Apple also has matching cases and wallets in its range.


As with the iPhone 12, the iPhone 14 family has Magsafe support again. These magnets, hidden inside, ensure that the MagSafe charging puck is held in the correct position on the back of the iPhone. Of course, the magnets are not visible on the iPhone, but with somewhat thicker cases they are not enough to hold the charging puck. That’s why many case manufacturers have incorporated magnets into their cases. If you don’t want to hide your iPhone with the case, look for a transparent model. There are also cases with built-in magnets, which are then visible.

From the start of the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has offered numerous cases made of silicone and leather and also has a transparent plastic case with Magsafe in its range. However, the transparent iPhone 14 Pro clear case with MagSafe is quite expensive at 59 euros.

Apple has also offered leather cases for its iPhones for many years, and of course the Apple Leather Case with MagSafe series is also available for the iPhone 14 Pro – in the colors umber, orange, ink, forest green and midnight. The prices are 69 euros.

When it comes to leather cases, it should be borne in mind that the material will age after prolonged use. Discolouration, scratches and greasy spots are normal. If you don’t want that, you can use other materials such as silicone. This also has another advantage: it is washable, has a better grip and absorbs shock better. In addition, there is a much larger selection of colors and the cases are ten euros cheaper than those made of leather at 59 euros. Moral reasons may also play a role for some users: after all, leather is an animal product.

The silicone cases for the iPhone 14 Pro currently come in Storm Blue, Midnight, Lilac, Product Red, Elderberry, Agave Green, Sunlight, and Lime Pink.

The lighter colors in particular quickly attract dirt due to their rubbery surface, which in our experience can be easily removed with a colorless eraser. Of course, soap and water can also be used. In our experience, the silicone cases are difficult to clean with microfiber cloths.

Even though the iPhone 14 Pro looks very similar to the iPhone 13 Pro, the cases are not interchangeable.

In addition to the cases from Apple, there is a huge accessories market that offers numerous competing products shortly after the release of the iPhone 14 Pro. In addition to leather, silicone and plastic cases that are designed to protect the edges and back of expensive smartphones, there are cases that have a hinged lid. This should also protect the display and also serves as a credit card holder for some products. Many users hold up flip-top cases when taking pictures in order to be able to grip the smartphone better.

Even if the cases from Apple are well made, they have one shortcoming: they are expensive. The offers from other manufacturers are already very plentiful, although the smartphone has only just appeared. This means that the case manufacturers would have to have prototypes or blueprints in advance. Otherwise, the cases could not be produced so quickly.

Among our favorites spigen, Hama, Zagg and Pitaka. They offer good quality for a reasonable price. More and more third-party suppliers, including Zagg, are also producing sustainably. No plastic is used in the packaging and the products consist of up to 50 percent recycled material.

If you prefer to own many cases, you can also use cheaper providers. The cases often don’t last as long as branded products, but you can find even more colors and functions here.

However: If you buy transparent cases from the low-price segment, you have to expect that they will soon turn yellow: plastics that are lightfast remain expensive. It starts from 1 cent; about at Aliexpress.

The cases presented usually do not cover the front, so that the expensive display glass is still unprotected. A fall on the floor can cause cracks in the display glass, which then necessitate repairs. Unfortunately, with the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple didn’t adopt the new design of the iPhone 14, where the front and back can be replaced separately, making the repair expensive. At Apple, the exchange costs 405 euros.

That’s why it’s important to protect the display itself: This can be done with tempered glass films. This is wafer-thin glass with an adhesive side. The film is applied to the cell phone without bubbles or dust inclusions. In practice, these films are practically unnoticeable. They serve as a protective layer, which can be broken in the event of a fall and absorbs part of the energy that would otherwise be transferred directly to the display glass when it comes into contact with the ground. In our opinion, Spigen offers the best tempered glass film. It is completely bubble-free on the smartphone using the template and sits perfectly. For 16 euros you get a set with two foils at Amazon.

Some foils also offer an interesting side effect: They limit the viewing angle at which the display can be read. The privacy screens are of interest to everyone who, for example, does not want the people sitting next to them to be able to read along on the bus or train. Other manufacturers also include small caps for the camera lenses with the protective films. Supposedly, these should not noticeably affect the image quality.

Protecting the iPhone 14 Pro doesn’t have to be expensive – both front and back. Given the short time that the new iPhone has been on the market, it is not yet possible to say whether it is also necessary to cover the cameras. At least it’s clear that this time the lenses stick out even further and are even bigger.

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