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Iphone 14 | Samsung foldables are being singled out by the iPhone 14 | apple iphone

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featured » Unlucky Folders: Samsung foldables are being singled out by the iPhone 14

Iphone 14 | Samsung foldables are being singled out by the iPhone 14 | apple iphone | galaxy z flip.0

Apple doesn’t have an iPhone Fold, but customers don’t care. Even worse for Samsung: its foldable smartphones are apparently suffering significantly from the launch of the iPhone 14. Nevertheless, the South Koreans are still trying bravely to smile at Apple for its lack of foldability.


Apple is just missing the next big trend in smartphones, Samsung has been trying to create this impression for years. What’s up? Still hard to say. The foldables from Samsung are out of the roughest starting difficulties, but the big breakthrough doesn’t want to come yet.

That can undoubtedly change, but for the moment things are looking rather meager for Samsung: the share of foldable Samsung models in sales by the South Koreans was 29% in the USA last year. It stayed that way until a few months ago. Then the iPhone 14 hit the market and the share plummeted to 7%.

Analysts: Apple’s iPhone 14 eats up foldable purchases

Previous estimates pointed to US foldables growing by around 77% in 2022, which now appears to be off the table, according to forecasts by analysts at DSCC demonstrate. The annual plus can still increase by around 46%, but sales will probably collapse significantly for the fourth quarter of 2022. In 2022, only a good ten million Samsung units were sold in the USA.


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Nevertheless, Samsung continues to diligently turn on biting advertising against Apple: A spot recently appeared in which the iPhone looks bad at the World Cup because it cannot fold. – the clips are regularly quite entertaining, but so far the foldable is not the next big thing.

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