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Iphone 14 | Samsung Galaxy S22 before iPhone 14: Google search trends from the tech sector | apple iphone

At the end of the year, Google created search rankings for heise online. It is not the most frequently searched keywords that win, but the ascending search terms of the year and much-discussed questions. Billions of search queries are evaluated for this. In terms of general search trends, topics such as Putin and the Ukraine war dominated, and the World Cup and women’s European Championship also performed well.

The selected search lists now follow in the Tech area: social media, apps, smartphones and games. It turns out that even in 2022, people at Google will still be asking: what is social media? This is actually the top trending question. 2nd place: Which social media platforms are there? If you consider how many people have been looking for a Twitter alternative in recent months after the takeover by Elon Musk, this seems almost logical. Third place goes to the question of how many people use social media? Incidentally, Google’s answer to position zero: 4.62 billion.

The other places: 4. What does a social media manager do? 5. Is WhatsApp Social Media? 6. Is Spotify Social Media? 7. Which social media platform is used the most? 8. What is Social Media Marketing? 9. How long has social media existed? 10. Is Youtube Social Media?

In the Apps category, the Fifa 23 Web App took first place, trending more than the Corona Warn App. This will still be in high demand in 2022, followed by the Luca app, although it is unlikely to play a role in most people’s everyday lives. The CovPass comes in 4th place. And then, very up-to-date, comes the Tank app. Netto, Kicker, Bitcoin 360, Ersa and Edeka close the top ten.

When it comes to smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is trending more than the iPhone 14. A small surprise for some people. The Google Pixel 7 and iPhone 13 will follow.

The games leads what is probably also the most talked about quiz in journalistic terms: Not the tgifq. No, the Wordle. In second place is Lost Ark – which colleague Michael Wieczorek alluded to. Fifa 23 Web App makes the list again, coming in at #3. #4 goes to Elden Ring, which TR boss Luca Caracciolo describes as a “true ordeal”. Dying Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, God of War: Ragnarok, Diabolo Immortal, Overwatch 2 and Tower of Fantasy complete the top 10.

As Google emphasizes, the lists are “trending searches”, i.e. the search terms with the strongest upward trend of the year. “These are terms for which the relevant searches saw a particularly strong increase in search interest compared to the previous year for a sustained phase in 2022.”


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