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Iphone 14 | Samsung Galaxy S23 is missing key feature that the iPhone 14 offers | apple iphone

Samsung is actually known for building every imaginable new function into its smartphones. Especially when Apple uses them, Samsung has usually already had them or quickly followed suit. The Galaxy S23 lacks a technology that was used to save lives on the iPhone 14.


Samsung Galaxy S23 does without satellite function

Actually, everyone was sure in advance that that too Galaxy S23 communication via satellite will be supported. Qualcomm has announced the technology for this in advance and all new Samsung phones are equipped with Snapdragon processors. In fact, Samsung has dispensed with the satellite function. The reason for this sounds from the mouth of Samsung Mobile boss TM Roh in the interview CNET very strange:

“Of course, if there is the right timing, infrastructure and technology ready, then for Samsung Galaxy, for our mobile division, we would actively consider doing this as well.” Since when does Samsung wait for technologies to mature? Especially when Apple is already using the same technology in the iPhone 14 models.

The satellite function would have meant a decent PR boost for Samsung, as Apple shows. Yes, the technology is not yet fully developed and many parameters have to be right in order to be able to ask for help in an emergency without a cell phone connection, but it works. People can save themselves in an emergency. Rescue services describe the integration into the iPhone as a “game changer” (Source: The Verge). It is correspondingly strange that Samsung does not jump on the bandwagon. A great opportunity was missed here, although the technology is already there and is being used successfully by the competition.

The new Samsung cell phones can:

When will Samsung take over?

The Samsung Mobile boss has not commented on this. Basically, it was only said that the time for this was not yet ripe. If the satellite function is missing from the Galaxy S24, we would be very disappointed. Time will tell whether Samsung will understand and recognize the great added value.

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