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Iphone 14 | Shot on iPhone 14 Pro for Chinese New Year | apple iphone

For many years, Apple has emphasized the camera performance of the iPhone in commercials. Now there is a new Shot on iPhone 14 Pro Chinese New Year video.

Chunjie, the traditional Chinese New Year, is one of the most important traditions in China. It falls on the first new moon between January 21st and February 21st. Apple has now released a new Shot on iPhone 14 Pro commercial on Weibo (and later YouTube) on the subject. With almost four minutes, he is surprisingly long.

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro in China

Tim Cook also wrote a post about it on Weibo:


“I hope you enjoy this touching story that highlights the light in human nature and the power of ambition, and reminds us that it takes effort to overcome life’s adversities.

Happy New Year! Have fun! #ShotoniPhone #TimCook’s Weibo Video”

From year to year, Apple is making more efforts to underline the importance and quality of the built-in camera in iPhones. There has also been one for a while separate photo competition. We have also come up with our own competition, you can find him here.

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