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Iphone 14 | Smartphone prices: Apple iPhone 14 Pro has the lowest depreciation | apple iphone

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro is the flagship phone with the lowest depreciation. According to a Statista analysis of the price monitor of the price comparison platform, the price of the cheapest variant on January 1 differed by only 1.5 percent from the recommended retail price (RRP) at market launch. As the chart shows, some of the top models from other manufacturers are available at significantly lower prices shortly after their market launch.

The most extreme example is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Its cheapest version was available at the beginning of the year for around 750 euros, although the RRP at the end of February 2022 was 1249 euros for the cheapest model. The two Chinese smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi and Oppo had to accept a similar price slide. For the Xiaomi 12 Pro series, the costs fell by around 30 percent or around 300 euros from the introductory price of 1,050 euros at the end of March to the cheapest offer on January 1, 2023. In the case of the Oppo Find X5 Pro, the price fell by a third.

The Pixel 7 Pro from Google shows that the price reductions do not necessarily have to be related to the duration of availability on the market. The top smartphone only started in October 2022, but was available a few weeks later for 120 euros less.


For better comparability, the price monitor from was analyzed on the first of each month, which also included partial time-limited discount campaigns such as for the Galaxy S22 Ultra in November 2022. In addition, also includes offers from resellers under the “New goods” category, so a direct statement about the price development in regular shops such as Mediamarkt or Saturn cannot be made.

Despite the significant drop in price of Samsung’s top model, the smartphone manufacturer now has the largest market share. According to a survey by IDC from October 2022, the South Korean company has, with a few exceptions, been significantly ahead of the competition from Apple and Xiaomi for years in terms of the number of smartphones shipped in the respective quarter.

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