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Iphone 14 | Sorry, Apple: It’s not worth waiting for the iPhone 14 [Meinung] | apple iphone

Every year the tech industry looks forward to September, the month when Apple usually unveils the new iPhones. For me, however, it’s a little different. The rumor mill has been spreading numerous details about the iPhone 14 for months. And according to them, you can save yourself the anticipation.

Briefly on where I come from: I’ve been equipped with an iPhone since the beginning of 2021 (again after a long break) and since then I’ve eaten deep into the Apple ecosystem (don’t ask). Nevertheless, I don’t automatically have to like everything that’s flushed out of the Cupertino forge into the shops. We are journalists who classify the complex tech world in your interest – and not fanboys.

Back to the iPhone 14: not a week goes by without new rumors hitting the web. Some details keep popping up. Among other things, with leakers as a source, which have already been extraordinarily accurate in the past. So if Apple doesn’t fool the entire leak scene (which would amuse me a lot), our overview of rumors about the iPhone 14 should already give you a good picture of the smartphone. And it is precisely this picture that makes me say: Let’s wait for the iPhone 15 – or grab the iPhone 13. Iphone 14 | Sorry, Apple: It's not worth waiting for the iPhone 14 [Meinung] | apple iphone | b2cd339617c04a77be32aae3a54c8fac


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iPhone 14 – or also: iPhone 13 with a new name and price

Do you know what is rumored to be in the one year between iPhone 13 (click here for the test) and iPhone 14 will change? Nearly nothing. Apparently even less “almost nothing” than between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. With the 14 model you can probably expect a better camera and battery life. The rest? Maybe just slightly different.

The design should remain almost identical to the predecessor. And for the first time in Apple history, the same applies to performance. The A15 Bionic of the 13 models should also power the iPhone 14 – but possibly in an adapted and slightly faster version. In addition, we again expect a wide and ultra wide-angle lens with 12 MP resolution on the back. Display refresh rate? Again 60 instead of 120 Hz, which almost all higher-priced Android models (and many cheap cell phones) now offer.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro 120Hz

Hi Apple, this is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro mid-range phone from 2021. And it offers 120 Hz. The iPhone 13 does not. And neither will the iPhone 14… (© 2021 CURVED )

In summary: Apple hasn’t brought so few improvements with a new generation as with the iPhone 14 for a long time – if the rumors are correct. That is quite disappointing for me. On the one hand, Apple will probably charge a similar price for the slight adjustments as for the previous iPhone 13 (which is now cheaper and thus becomes a more affordable alternative).

On the other hand, the 14 generation supposedly cannot do without major steps. Just not with the iPhone 14. Instead, the real highlights should await you with the Pro model.

Sobering iPhone intention or Apple emergency?

Is Apple using a new tactic?

Before we turn to the almost artificially created difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, I want to first go into whether I’m right or wrong to hack into Apple here. Yes, the presumably small differences between iPhone 13 (you can find it here with a contract) and 14 sound sobering. But apart from Apple itself, no one knows if it’s intentional or an emergency. Especially with reference to the A15 chipset from 2021, which should also power the new non-Pro generation.

This move could be Apple’s intention, as it would widen the gap between the iPhone 14 and Pro model. In addition to the third camera lens, the iPhone 13 Pro family has exclusively received the upgrade to 120 Hz refresh rate (which, as mentioned, is standard in almost all price ranges in the Android camp). If the new, advanced Apple processor also remains a pro advantage, there would be one more argument in favor of buying the more expensive model.

A tactic that could well take the company’s sales to the next “best ever” level. At the expense of buyers of the non-Pro versions, mind you, who get even fewer tech upgrades for their money than in years past. A move I would condemn on behalf of our readers. If Apple really only puts all the big innovations in the iPhone 14 Pro for this reason alone.

iPhone 13 review back panel

The iPhone 13 (image) is quite pretty, but from a top dog like Apple I would like more from the iPhone 14 than a lukewarm 13 (© 2021 CURVED )

Did Apple just respond to an emergency?

But maybe I’m doing Apple wrong and what we’re seeing with the iPhone 14 generation is nothing more than a contingency plan. As you all know, we still live in the age of the chip crisis. You’ll know that at the latest if you’ve already wanted to buy a new AV receiver (sometimes delivery time is more than 2 months), a new car (sometimes 6 months or more) or a PS5 (I don’t have to say anything about that, right?).

As far as I know, it becomes difficult for companies when they order newly developed chips from a chip manufacturer instead of existing ones. Then large-scale production in the overburdened factories should become a problem. And Apple in particular requires massive amounts of components, as we know. So it’s quite possible that the volume forecasts for the A16 chip are below what Apple needs by the start of the 14 generation.

In this case, an emergency solution would be to use the A15 and drill it out a bit in terms of performance. Better an iPhone 14 with a (still very fast) chip than an entire iPhone generation that is hardly available, right?

Why not both?

In fact, I think emergency and tactics meet here. In other words: Apple cannot produce the A16 in sufficient quantities, but uses the opportunity (skillfully from the company’s point of view) to make the Pro models even tastier. As said, everything would be understandable, but depending on it would either just be boring or boring and a tactic at the expense of the users, who now definitely have to dig deeper into their pockets for certain requirements for the Pro model.

iPhone 13 mini camera

The cheaper iPhones have had fewer camera lenses than the more expensive Pro versions for years. Apparently, this difference was just the beginning (Image: iPhone 13 mini) (© 2021 CURVED )

Apple is educating us to be pro buyers

I summarize again: According to previous rumors, the iPhone 14 sounds extremely boring. However, yawning can quickly turn into a small cry of joy for some users when we look at the leaks of the iPhone 14 Pro. The well-known industry oracles promise here narrower display bezels. A super fast A16 chip. Finally a camera with more than 12 MP (and probably a very powerful image sensor). And of course the smooth 120 Hz display.

And above all, a major design change: the notch (cutout in the display for the camera) that has existed since the iPhone X has shrunk over the years, but with the iPhone 14 Pro it should disappear completely. Instead, Apple is said to use the punch-hole design that manufacturers such as Samsung have been using for years (only with significantly smaller cutouts). For example, to see in the Galaxy S22 (here in the test).

The iPhone 14 Pro shows, at least according to the rumor mill, that Apple is a whole step further than the slightly modified iPhone 14 would suggest. The iPhone 14 Pro could therefore turn out to be the “really new” Apple smartphone. If you want the latest cell phone from the manufacturer, you MUST resort to the more expensive version. Those who spend less money will get an overhauled iPhone 13s. The re-education of iPhone fans to Pro buyers would be perfect.

iPhone 13 Pro Max display review

Apple has given the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max a 120 Hz display (image). The standard 13 and 13 mini don’t. (© 2022 CURVED )

I wish that from Apple

So the iPhone 14 will probably be closer to the iPhone 13 than the 14 Pro. If the chip crisis and thus the procurement of parts are mainly responsible for this, I would only wish one thing from Apple: lower the price for the iPhone 14 below that of the iPhone 13 at release. This would increase the value of the small upgrade in terms of price/performance and mark a more affordable entry into the Apple universe. Yes, there is still the iPhone SE (2022) for this purpose. But the old design and the simple camera lens should not convince every user.

As an aside: As the owner of the iPhone 12 mini, I am of course extremely disappointed that Apple wants to exchange the compact 2022 model for an extra-large device with similar dimensions to the Pro Max. But you’ve probably already read enough comments from journalists who want this little top model back – just like me.

Unlike some industry colleagues, I don’t want the mini iPhone back as the next iPhone SE. There’s too great a risk that Apple will cut back too hard in terms of performance and camera compared to the flagship level – all for a more attractive price point. Anyone who has the usual “too small” concerns about mini iPhones (as I originally did) should read my article with the Check out the best reasons to get an iPhone mini.

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Joining the supercycle: My answer to the Apple strategy

Just a few years ago I bought a new smartphone every two years. Since, as mentioned, I have an iPhone 12 mini in my pocket, it would actually be an iPhone 14’s turn. But what I really realized when I switched to Android and returned to Apple: I don’t have to replace my iPhone every two years. It’s still super fast, takes great photos and will continue to get all the updates for years to come. And if the battery should weaken, I’ll have the manufacturer replace it.

And Apple? As is well known, the company itself is not out to reinvent the iPhone every two years. In the past, Apple has only presented us with major leaps in terms of design and features every three years – that’s the manufacturer’s supercycle. If you want to check it out, here we have it for you All iPhone models at a glance.

If the big reasons to buy only come up every three years, I only replace my iPhone every three years. This also means that as bored as I am looking forward to the iPhone 14 without the Pro add-on, I am all the more excited about the iPhone 15 in 2023. The next big leap could be expected here.

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