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Iphone 14 | Strange lines on the display of the iPhone 14 Pro: That’s what Apple says about it | apple iphone

The strange line occurs when waking up and turning on the phone.

The strange line occurs when waking up and turning on the phone.

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Numerous users of the iPhone 14 Pro complain about one horizontal line on the display of your mobile phone. This is visible when switching on or waking up the smartphone.

Manufacturer Apple is now giving the all-clear. The line is not a hardware error, but one Operating system glitchApple employees say in an article by 9to5Mac quoted.

No solution found

There does not seem to be a uniform solution for the software error. For some users, a Reset to default to factory settings remedy. Others got rid of the weird line by putting their iPhone in the DFU mode (Device Firmware Update) and reinstalled iOS or turned off the always-on-display feature.

Still others report that these steps have the problem in the interim fixed, but it kept popping up later.

Not the first bug

It’s not the first bug to appear on the new iPhone 14. In September – shortly after the launch of the new smartphone generation – users at the iPhone 14 Pro Max about one camera bug reported, where the lens produces strange noise and cannot be controlled. There have also been complaints in the past overheating problems the cell phone series.

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