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Iphone 14 | Supply of iPhone 14 Pro improves – | apple iphone

According to a new report, the delivery situation of the iPhone 14 Pro.

There have been long waiting times since the launch of the device. Lockdowns at Foxconn have further exacerbated the situation. But now there is improvement. In the US, the waiting time is now about 23 days.

Sales forecast revised downwards

It was originally assumed that 83 million iPhones should be sold in the December quarter. This has now been updated by the bank’s analysts UBS adjusted to 79 million pieces.

Iphone 14 | Supply of iPhone 14 Pro improves - | apple iphone | iPhone 14 Plus

Fewer sales in 2023 too?

The forecasts for 2023 have also been revised. Instead of 239 million devices sold, only 232 million iPhones are expected to be sold.

The exact effects this will have on Apple’s sales in the Christmas quarter between October and December will become apparent at the end of January. Then Apple announces the quarterly figures for exactly this period. The group had not previously made a forecast. Thus, he does not have to communicate a profit warning in the event that sales have plummeted. Apple has not yet announced the exact date for the announcement of the quarterly figures. As soon as it is available, we will get back to you on the subject.

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