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Iphone 14 | Tempered glass: screen protector for the iPhone 14 Pro Max | apple iphone

In the top configuration with 1 TB of storage, that costs iPhone 14 Pro Max 2,099 euros and even in the variant with only 128 GB of memory 1,449 euros be shelled out.

At 6.7 inches, the display of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is very large and of course susceptible to scratches and bumps. It remains to be seen whether smaller iPhones break faster than large ones, but the damage is greater with the larger models. And unfortunately, classic cases and sleeves hardly protect the display or not at all.

So what can be done to ensure that there are no scratches or even a break? The solution are so-called armored glass foils, which are glued to the surface of the display. They are transparent, allow multi-touch operation without any problems, are washable and are hardly noticeable in everyday life. The edges are mostly well flattened so that there are no noticeable edges.

In order to get a scratch on the display, the iPhone 14 Pro Max does not necessarily have to fall on the ground. Sometimes it is enough to keep a key or coins with the smartphone in the pocket of your pants, or to put the smartphone in a pocket with another object in it that will scratch the display.

Scratches can no longer be polished out of the display, but what if the scratch wasn’t on the smartphone at all, but on a wafer-thin glass film that can be replaced? It is precisely these functions that tempered glass films assume. The advantage over plastic films: they are significantly more translucent, do not yellow and are also easier to apply. In addition, they do not break as quickly as foils and should protect better.

Even a bulletproof glass film will eventually reach its limits and cannot work miracles. They cannot do anything against massive violence.

The installation of glass films is easy. The smartphone must be cleaned beforehand and the display surface must be free of grease. In a dust-free environment, the bulletproof glass is now freed from its protective film and carefully glued to the display, starting from one side. This way there shouldn’t be any air bubbles. As a rule, the films come with instructions so that assembly is possible without any problems.

In addition to the classic tempered glass films, manufacturers have also developed special films. privacy films prevent people sitting next to you on the S-Bahn or bus from seeing the display content. The technology makes the display a little darker for the user, but in case of doubt privacy more important.

Otherwise, the manufacturers have developed films that antibacterial should work, or even blue light components Filter out those that are said to be harmful to sleep health.

Of course, a tempered glass film is not mandatory, but it saves a lot of trouble. Anyone who argues that Apple Care+ also pays for glass damage and the like is of course right. It is a matter of attitude whether the iPhone 14 Pro Max should be repaired in case of doubt, or whether something should be done proactively to prevent damage. The foils are not expensive and more sustainable than the possible replacement of the display.

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