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Iphone 14 | Test Filono Carbon and Aramid Case for iPhone 14 Pro – The best protection just got better (raffle) | news | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | Test Filono Carbon and Aramid Case for iPhone 14 Pro – The best protection just got better (raffle) | news | apple iphone | News Kategorie Rewind.467189

Filono Carbon and Aramid Case – practice and conclusion

I first applied a protective glass to the new iPhone 14 Pro. That “Seamless Glass Ultra iPhone 14” is delivered in a pack of two. Means: You have exactly two attempts to apply the glass cleanly and without inclusions and bubbles. There is also a very helpful one for this assembly video.

I managed to apply the glass without inclusions on the first try, but despite the enclosed mounting frame (which can only be attached without a case), I did not succeed in applying it exactly centered. It is straight, but slightly shifted to the right. However, this is only noticeable when you look very closely and cannot be felt either, so I leave it as it is. One glass left in reserve.

Then I tried the Aramid Case first. Assembly is very easy without tools or additional assembly aids. This is where one of the biggest advantages becomes apparent: the aramid case feels incredibly supple. Almost like skin. It is also a little less slippery, although the iPhone with the carbon case is much more secure in the hand than bare. Fingerprints can be seen a little more on the aramid case than on the carbon. But only minimally. In contrast to the naked iPhone, fingerprints are actually a thing of the past.

The side buttons are easy to reach due to the cut-outs and are adequately protected, although not as much as on the carbon. It is more a matter of taste how the large camera island of the iPhone 14 Pro is framed. With aramid, the edge of the bump remains very pronounced. The carbon case, on the other hand, has a gently sloping edge. The reason for this is that the carbon layers cannot be bent as sharply into a 90° angle, similar to a stack of paper.

As good as the aramid case feels, I personally prefer the slightly rougher touch of the carbon case. To be on the safe side, I look at the videos again when changing the case. After the carbon case is mounted, it really feels “at home” again. That’s what I’m used to, that’s how I love it.

Thanks to the all-round protection provided by the case and glass, I no longer have to worry about treating my iPhone like a raw egg. Whether placed on the back or on the glass, put in your pocket or clamped in a tripod holder. The case puts everything away. However, I’m not a ruffian and I don’t throw my iPhone with the case on a hard table from a distance or open beer bottles with it. Anyone who wants it or thinks that the iPhone is indestructible with the carbon case is probably taking it too far – and should perhaps buy a rugged case with centimeter-thick rubber buffers for extreme conditions.

Conclusion – style the best
I’ll stick to it: I don’t know of a better iPhone case than the Filono Carbon. It feels like it’s part of the phone without being overly bulky. The handling improves enormously, as does the protection of the expensive device. In my view, the money is better invested in this case than in additional Apple Care insurance, because in addition to protection, it also gives the iPhone a much better tactile feel. I also appreciate the understated stealth look.

In principle, this also applies to the Aramid Case from Filono. It’s not quite as deep black and a little less structured on the surface. However, its soft, smooth surface is an absolute pleasure to hold, while the protection of the iPhone should not be less than with the carbon case. You just have to hold it in your hand.

If you want to convince yourself of this, you can – with a bit of luck – do so completely free of charge. All you have to do is take part in our usual simple draw. The details can be found on the next page.

Iphone 14 | Test Filono Carbon and Aramid Case for iPhone 14 Pro – The best protection just got better (raffle) | news | apple iphone | b457112440e1495b92ee408aab4c4d3f

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