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Iphone 14 | The Apple iPhone 14 is said to outsell the iPhone 13, despite higher prices | apple iphone

According to a new report by Sina Finance Test production of the iPhone 14 series has already started, and mass production is scheduled to start in August. Apple is said to have informed its suppliers that the group expects higher sales than the iPhone 13 during the launch period (about 820 euros on Amazon) last year.

Analysts assume that the smartphone market will shrink as a result of the recession in 2022, but the high-end segment will be less affected than the entry-level and mid-range. In fact, in July 2022 at least one supplier is said to be producing around a third more iPhones than in July last year, although it will only be around two months before the iPhone 14 series is launched.

Such a development would be quite surprising as Apple is rumored to be increasing the price of the iPhone 14 by $100 compared to the iPhone 13. In conjunction with the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar, which has fallen by around 15 percent since the launch of the iPhone 13, the basic model of the iPhone 14 series could cost more than 1,000 euros.


And that despite the fact that the basic model should hardly offer any innovations, apart from a better front camera. The most exciting new features, such as the 48 MP main camera, the economical 120 Hz LTPO AMOLED display with always-on function and the more powerful Apple A16 Bionic, are rumored to be reserved for the more expensive Pro model.

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