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Iphone 14 | The Apple iPhone 14 Pro supports a simplified always-on display thanks to a hidden setting | apple iphone

In some tests of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro (approx. 1,299 euros on Amazon), the flagship has been criticized for the fact that the always-on display only shows a dimmed version of the regular lock screen, rather than a simplified version of it like most of the competition that’s less distracting and potentially power-saving, given that it’s only a small part of the AMOLED -Panel lights up.

9to5Mac has now discovered that the iPhone 14 Pro does offer the option to display the lock screen in a simplified always-on state. To do this, users must select a focus mode in the system settings under Focus, tap the “Options” button in the notification area, select the “Dim lock screen” option, and then activate the corresponding focus mode.

If this relatively well-hidden option is activated in the system settings, the always-on display only shows the date, time and the widgets selected by the user; the background image is completely hidden. However, this setting has some disadvantages. On the one hand, the setting only works as long as the corresponding focus mode is activated.


On the other hand, this option also darkens the lock screen when the iPhone is in use, because the main purpose of this option is to make the screen darker so as not to dazzle the user at night. However, since Apple already offers such an option, it remains to be hoped that it can be activated without these disadvantages after a future software update.

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