Thursday, December 8, 2022

Iphone 14 | The Dynamic Island of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro makes Tamagotchi in a new update of a Reddit app | apple iphone

So far there are only a few apps that use the Dynamic Island of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro (approx. 1,299 euros on Amazon) use it sensibly. Arguably one of the most interesting uses for the flagship’s huge punch hole is the free Apollo appwhich introduced the so-called “Pixel Pals” a few days ago.

These are small, digital pixel pets that reside on the Dynamic Island as long as the Apollo app is in use. The developer of the app, Christian Selig, has now announced that the app will be shipped with “Pixel Pals 2.0” with immediate effect. This means that the pets are not only digital, but also much more interactive than before, because users can tap on the Dynamic Island to feed their Pixel Pal or to play the two mini-games “Beacon Ball” and “Follow the Wand”.

Your pixel pet can be renamed, while more Pixel Pals than before will be available after the update, including a bat, an axolotl and an otter. Over time, the friendship between the Pixel Pal and its owner grows, just as you would expect from a Tamagotchi. The app also shows the distance that has been scrolled through Reddit together and how long the Pixel Pal has been alive. Basically, Pixel Pals are available for free to access all animals and features, but requires a paid subscription.


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