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Iphone 14 | The Google Pixel 7 outperforms the more expensive Apple iPhone 14 in the DxOMark display test | apple iphone

The Google Pixel 7 (approx. 649 euros on Amazon) shines in the DxOMark display test – with a result of 140 points, the high-quality mid-range smartphone comes in 5th place leaderboard, the Pixel 7 Pro comes in second with 146 points. While the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max still tops the display rankings, the Pixel 7 outperforms the regular iPhone 14 (approx. 999 euros on Amazon) just surpass.

The smartphone owes this first-class result not least to the solid display of HDR videos, the high color fidelity and the brightness of the screen, because it achieves a remarkable 1,224 nits in sunlight instead of the 776 nits of the iPhone 14, in the dark the panel can be reduced to a pleasant 4 nit be dimmed. However, DxOMark criticizes that the high brightness in sunlight is only achieved for a short time before the display has to be dimmed, presumably to reduce the temperature.

Also slightly problematic is that pink and blue stripes appear on the screen as the viewing angle changes. The frame rate of 90 Hz is sufficient to display animations and videos smoothly, the Pixel 7 hardly ever skips frames in 1080p and 4K videos. When it comes to gaming, the device does even better than the Pixel 7 Pro, because games stutter less on the Pixel 7, which could be due to the lower screen resolution. According to DxOMark, the AMOLED panel flickers at a frequency of 360 Hz, which can be problematic for sensitive users.


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