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Iphone 14 | The iPhone & iPad Life 3/2022 is here: the new iPhone 14 | apple iphone

iPhone & iPad Life 3/2022: These are the most important topics

  • iPhone 14, more than an isolated solution!: With the new iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has managed to make a virtue out of necessity. The basic model, on the other hand, has little to offer that is new. For whom is the change worthwhile?

  • An Apple Watch for Jane Bond: The Apple Watch Series 8 is all about women’s health. The new SE, in turn, relies on the tried and tested in a new guise. We tested both models.

  • iOS 16 at a glance: The new operating system for the iPhone offers a multitude of new configurations. These include the individually configurable lock screen and improved communication with messages and mail.

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The view into the notebook

Editor-in-Chief Sebastian Schack

Iphone 14 | The iPhone & iPad Life 3/2022 is here: the new iPhone 14 | apple iphone | image 121426 4589577
(Image: Mac Life)

As part of the Code Conference, Tim Cook took a look back and spoke about his biggest disagreement with Steve Jobs.

We are in the pre-iPhone era. The device itself is finished and the software also appears presentable. What is still being discussed is which business model Apple should best agree with the mobile phone providers. According to his own account, Tim Cook took the approach that we had all known at the time for years: mobile operators sell subsidized mobile phones in order to attract customers who then do not have to pay the full price of the device.

Steve Jobs was a little more convinced of the radiance of the iPhone. He wanted the wireless carriers to ditch the subsidies and instead cede a portion of the proceeds to Apple. At the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Jobs got his way. But just a year later, Apple reversed Cook’s course. Tim Cook says today that this decision had a massive part in sending iPhone sales skyrocketing. Always good to hear that even a Steve Jobs was wrong in good time.


Sebastian Schack

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