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Iphone 14 | The next tablet-like foldables should already be lighter than the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max | apple iphone

The weight and thickness of foldable smartphones still differ quite significantly from the classic cell phone in bar format, if you disregard the clamshell cell phones in the style of a Galaxy Z Flip4, which at 187 grams can definitely be described as lightweight. In 2023, however, many of the larger foldables with a folding tablet display are likely to slim down, such as Leaker Ice Universe in a concrete example clarified.

According to his information, the successor to the Oppo Find N will be significantly lighter than the first version of the foldable Oppo flagship, which weighed 275 grams. The leaker is convinced that the Oppo Find N2 should weigh less than 240 grams, and for the first time less than one of the heaviest classic cell phones on the market, the iPhone 14 Pro Max from Apple (available here at Amazon from around 1,400 euros). According to Ice, Oppo will probably use new materials for this, but it should be noted that the leaker’s original weight forecast before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 was unfortunately wrong, which is why skepticism is quite appropriate here.

However, lighter foldables are on the todo list across the industry, including at Samsung. As the manufacturer recently conveyed, in the case of the Galaxy Z Fold5 it’s not just about finding a way for the S-Pen to disappear into the case, but also about further reducing weight and thickness – with a robust case at the same time in everyday life. It’s not an easy task for foldable manufacturers, but it’s probably necessary to increase acceptance among new customer groups. Honor will also soon be presenting its second folding cell phone as the Honor Magic Vs, starting on November 23, 2022 – initially in China.


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