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Iphone 14 | The satellite emergency call of the iPhone 14 should start in other countries at the end of the year | apple iphone

In addition to the much-discussed “Dynamic Island”, the satellite SOS function of the iPhone 14 officially presented last week is probably one of the most interesting innovations of Apple’s latest smartphone generation. However, during the official keynote presentation, it was made clear that this emergency feature, which can alert emergency services via text message, will only be available in the United States and Canada for the time being.

In Germany, it was therefore completely unclear for prospective buyers of the iPhone 14 whether and when the life-saving feature could also be used in this country. According to one short report However, the MacPrime website, which focuses on Apple, now has legitimate hopes that the satellite emergency call could soon start in Germany. According to this information, the Cupertino-based group is planning to announce other countries later this year, in which satellite communication with the iPhone 14 will be made possible in a timely manner.

Next year, the second wave of countries will follow, in which satellite emergency calls can soon be made via the iPhone 14. Since Germany is likely to be one of the more important European markets, it seems highly plausible that the Federal Republic is part of these first two expansion phases. With regard to the exciting future of satellite communication via smartphones, it is also very positive that Apple apparently wants to establish this iPhone 14 feature on many international markets as quickly as possible. Thus, the rather limited introduction in the USA and Canada is probably only a first step, and not necessarily just a test run with an open outcome.


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