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Iphone 14 | This is what the iPhone 14, 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max offer | apple iphone

The new models of the Apple iPhone 14 have just been introduced and are already being tested: On September 7, Apple presented its new smartphone in Silicon Valley. The first 14 models, the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max, have been available since September 16. IMTEST has already tested the three new models and reveals how good they are, whether and in which areas they outperform their predecessors.

iPhone 14: The design is of the usual high quality

Apple does not renew the design of its premium devices with every new iPhone generation. Most recently, the iPhone 12 replaced the rounded shape of the case with an angular frame, reminiscent of the iPhone 4 from 2010. Unsurprisingly, then, that the iPhone 14 is almost identical to last year’s iPhone 13 model. Not bad at all, since Apple wraps the technology in a chic dress made of aluminum and glass, as usual. On the back, the generational difference becomes clearer. The camera bar is slightly larger on the iPhone 14. The hill tilts the phone slightly when it is lying flat on a table, for example.

The more powerful iPhone 14 Pro is slightly thicker than the base model, but also offers a 6.1-inch screen. The heavyweight in the round is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The flagship of the new iPhone generation weighs a whopping 240 grams.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max come in silver, black, gold, dark purple colors. The Pro models manage without a notch, relying on cutouts instead. This hides the selfie camera and the Face ID sensors. As a so-called Dynamic Island, the recess is transformed into an informative or interactive display that acts independently of the main screen. For example, soccer results can be tracked continuously, even if the user is using the iPhone for other purposes. In the test, the feature met with a lot of approval.

A16 Bionic Chip: New chips only for pros

Apple’s in-house chip series for mobile phones is one of the fastest on the market. The chipsets are also characterized by high energy efficiency, rapid computing speeds, AI calculations without any cloud connection and local data encryption.

The A15 bionic chip was already in the iPhone 13 Pro and will remain the computer in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. However, not everything stays the same. Especially in combination with the camera, Apple has again increased the processor performance with clever features.

For the first time, Apple is equipping the Pro models with the brand new A16 Bionic processor. This should consume around 20 percent less electricity and at the same time deliver more power.

Power processor A16 in the test

Sounds like a good mix, but how does it work in practice? In short: pretty good. Both the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max put all the iPhones tested so far in the pocket with their CPU performance. Applications start very quickly and switching between apps is super fast. In addition, Apple has improved the graphics performance.

Display: Sharp, brilliant and bright

Another heart of every iPhone is the display: this will not change with the 14th generation. As with the iPhone 13, all models of the iPhone 14 use Apple’s brilliant Super Retina XDR display. All models shine, for example, with very high color fidelity.

In addition, the devices score when playing high-dynamic-range content, which is particularly characterized by more detail in bright and dark image areas.

While the Pro models can display 120 frames per second (Hertz) – which allows even fast objects such as footballs to fly smoothly across the screen – the conventional iPhone 14 and the Plus version only get 60 Hertz – a poor value. 90 to 120 Hertz displays have long been the common standard on the market – especially in this price range.

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Cameras: More megapixels for the pros

It is important to improve the camera technology in a smartphone. There is hardly any technical component in which the differences between smartphones are so great.

The iPhone 14 still does not have a telephoto zoom and thus loses points on the test stand. At four times the zoom level, details are missing. The Pro models, on the other hand, achieve very high sharpness with the telephoto lens. In daylight, all three models are about on the same level. In very low light, the result improves compared to its predecessors, especially with the Pro models.

There is criticism for the selfie camera of all three models. In daylight it still captures many details. On the other hand, the image noise is visible in low ambient light, there is a lack of details, and colored areas sometimes look washed out and muddy – not so with the predecessor. In return, the new auto focus for selfie shots offers faster subject recognition.

Battery performance: True endurance runners

In addition to the performance and the camera, Apple has also improved the battery – but not on every model. The test shows that the improved efficiency of the processors has a significantly greater impact on the runtime than the pure capacity of the energy storage. To explain: The examiners play a full HD video via WLAN stream. Lo and behold: The iPhone 14 Pro Max has shown more than staying power with a runtime of almost 20 hours. The iPhone 14 Pro follows with 16:50 hours. The iPhone 14 brings up the rear with 15:10 hours. All three devices get a “very good” and clearly surpass their predecessors.

But even the most enduring iPhone will eventually run out. Then the loading speed counts. The charging power with a maximum of 20 watts ensures a duration of around 1:40 to 1:50 hours, depending on the model. So there is no turbo charging.

Apple iPhone 14: Pricing and Availability

Since September 16th iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are available. As the fourth model from the 14 series, the iPhone 14 Plus will finally follow on October 7th.

The prices for the iPhone 14 start at 999 euros, the iPhone 14 Plus will be available in the smallest memory version with 128 GB from 1,149 euros. Both models also come in 256GB and 512GB versions. The iPhone 14 Pro is available from 1,299 euros, the iPhone 14 Pro Max costs from 1,449 euros.

Apple iPhone 14 in the test: conclusion

The iPhone 14 is the cheapest of the new models. Compared to the Pro models, it lacks a good camera zoom, smooth image reproduction with more than 60 Hertz and the more efficient processor. Compared to its predecessor, it still has a significantly better runtime, better color reproduction and overall slightly better photo recordings.

PER: Sharp, color-accurate display, fast processor, good main camera, very good battery life, dustproof and waterproof.

CONS: No tele-zoom, screen with only 60 Hertz and only good maximum brightness.

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