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Iphone 14 | “Tour of Chicago” with the iPhone 14 Pro – | apple iphone

The camera capabilities of the new iPhone 14 Pro are enormous.

Apple also proves this in a new video “Chicago in the Loop”. The two-minute clip was shot in Chicago using an iPhone 14 Pro. ProRes and Cinema mode were used for the best results.

Iphone 14 | "Tour of Chicago" with the iPhone 14 Pro - | apple iphone | Chicago iPhone 14 Pro


Filmmaker Joey Helms demonstrates how you can achieve excellent results. Helms only uses a gimbal and an inexpensive filter. He did without a large film crew. Talent, desire and mood are enough. Helms has used 1 to 5 percent of the recorded material for his final cut.

Post-processing was done in Apple’s Final Cut Pro X software and with the Dehancer Pro program.

Final Cut Pro

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Iphone 14 | "Tour of Chicago" with the iPhone 14 Pro - | apple iphone | badge appstore

Cinema mode explained in the video

Speaking of cinema mode: it is explained in detail in an extra tutorial. The filmmaker also explains the importance of locking both focus and exposure so they don’t change throughout the clip.

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