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Iphone 14 | Update in progress: Apple fixes iPhone 14 Pro stripe bug | apple iphone

Update in progress
Apple fixes iPhone 14 Pro streak bug

Some iPhone 14 Pro owners see colorful stripes on the display when they turn on the device. According to Apple, it is not a hardware error, but a software error. An update is in the works and will be released soon.

About four weeks ago, users of an iPhone 14 Pro first reported strange yellow and green flashing stripes on the display when they switched on or unlocked the device. Although the lines disappeared after a few seconds, there was a chance it was a hardware issue that could get worse over time. However, the understandable concern is unfounded, the problem is apparently just a trifle.

Understandably, some of those affected immediately went to an Apple Store to have their iPhones checked or contacted the manufacturer’s online support. At the Genius Bar or in the chat room, however, they were quickly informed that it was not a hardware error but a software error, reported “9to5Mac“. A support employee assumed that there was a driver problem with the devices. However, Apple itself did not comment on the subject for the time being, so there was some uncertainty.

That has now changed. While the company has still not issued a public statement, “MacRumors” saw an internal memo in which Apple confirmed that they were taking care of the problem. An iOS update should fix the error soon.

Since it is obviously not a serious error, Apple could do without an unscheduled firmware update. The stripe bug may therefore be fixed with iOS 16.3, for which Apple released the second beta for developers a few days ago. Since the general update is still a few weeks away, the company could also fix the stripe problem and other minor bugs with iOS 16.2.1 in advance, writes “MacRumors”.

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