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Iphone 14 | Videos show an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with a rounded display as a result of a modding project | apple iphone

The video embedded below shows how the iPhone 14 Pro Max was modified. The frame is quickly replaced by a slimmer version that has been adjusted accordingly. The AMOLED panel of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is separated from the laminated, flat front glass and then connected to the rounded front glass. The engineer does not specify where these specially adapted components are sourced from or how they are manufactured.

Since, apart from the frame and glass, only the original components of the iPhone 14 Pro Max are used, there are no technical or functional differences between the modified device and a conventional iPhone. For customers who want an iPhone with a curved display, such a modification could remain the only option for the foreseeable future, because the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a rounded back, but will remain with a flat display.

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