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Iphone 14 | What the DMA means for Apple, iPhone 14 Pro delivery issues, Twitter at Elon Musk | apple iphone

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I admit, this app isn’t brand new, but it’s a good idea: With Knoop (Low German for “button”) it is possible to switch the street lighting on and off at the side of the path at the touch of a button. Originally mainly in the fight against light pollution developed to negatively influence the metabolism of humans and animals, I think such an app is a great example of how smart technology can help save electricity in times of climate change and the energy crisis. Unfortunately, the app only works in a few places in northern Germany so far – but maybe it would also be something for other municipalities.

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Partner contribution: Sustainable UX – Tips for more sustainability in app development

Sustainable apps: 23 tips for development

How do you develop one App that inspires userscontributes to the company goals and incidentally not unnecessarily burdening the environment? Jump into the development of sustainable mobile applications with this partner contribution from Rebekah WeberUX/UI Designer at T-Systems MMS. Based on the approach User-centered design digital applications – including mobile apps – have been designed for decades. The aim is to meet the real needs of users and specific usage requirements in favor of usability. The challenge in times of climate change and resource scarcity is it now, in addition to the user, also the Einfluence on the environment during the entire development process. You can find out how this is possible with the help of 23 tips in this article.
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What the DMA means for Apple, Twitter under Elon Musk, Meta lays off 11,000 people

It’s the beginning of November Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union came into force. This is said to be the business of tech giants like Google, Meta or Apple regulate in the EU, which is a kind gatekeeper function hold for their platforms. Particularly exciting for the app industry: This could force Apple to do soon iPhone and iPad allow alternative third-party app stores and the side loading allow apps on iPhones and iPads, i.e. app installation without an app store, for example from a web server. The issue will probably end up in court, because Apple doesn’t see it at all for security and data protection reasons alone. Especially since it could of course also lead to a loss of sales. The EU has now sent a representative to the tech metropolis of San Francisco who is supposed to funnel the new rules into the tech giants.

Elon Musk really bought Twitter
Elon Musk has now really bought Twitter (Image: Sergei Elagin / Shutterstock.com)

Tesla has been boss and tech billionaire since last Friday Elon Musk also owner of Twitter – and kicked one right there large wave of layoffs, only to partially row back again. The well-known symbol for verified accounts, the white check mark on a blue background, will in future be given to Twitter users who pay $7.99 a month instead of well-known personalities and companies. There will soon be one for selected accounts give a new “Official” hook. Musk used his Twitter account for one this week Election recommendation at the midterms for the Republicans. All of this makes some Twitter users doubt whether they are still in good hands on the platform – and many others is now switching to the Twitter alternative Mastodon. Steady co-founder Gabriel Yoran advises Creators to be safe backup their Twitter community and, for example, asking for followers’ email addresses.

It is the first job cut in the history of the Facebook Group Meta – and it turns out to be particularly violent: 13 percent of all jobs in the company are to be cutaround 11,000 people lose their jobs. The economic downturn, intensified competition and dwindling advertising revenue have impacted sales more than he thought, he wrote Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg to the employees: “I made a mistake and I accept responsibility for this mistake.” But that probably doesn’t help those who are now losing their jobs. Meta is currently suffering from declining advertising revenues, which are also due to Apple’s ATT rules, which have been in force since last year. Some of the problems are self-inflicted, however, because Zuckerberg is investing billions in his young metaverse called Horizon Worlds, but has hardly any users there so far. Speaking of the Metaverse: Tech Expert Benedict Evans Has recorded a podcast, in which he explains what metaverse actually means and whether you have to worry about it today. In addition he also formulated some thoughts on it for future reference.

iPhone 14 Pro delivery problems, WhatsApp with community function, Signal launches Stories

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with Dynamic Island
iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max with Dynamic Island

Ironically, for the important Christmas business Apple with significant delivery bottlenecks for the new one iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to fight. Production at the main plant in Zhengzhou, China is currently affected by Covid restrictions, so that production only runs with significantly reduced output. This should mean longer waiting times for customers. Apparently, however, the demand for the various iPhone 14 models is also lower than expected. According to the Bloomberg news agency, the production volume is to fall by three million devices, from 90 to 87 million units.

Whatsapp should once again be expanded to include new functions. A fundamental innovation communities. However, the function should not enable the establishment of online communities on WhatsApp. Rather, the aim is to bring several groups together in a kind of upper category, a so-called community. A community called “Restaurant Team by Alex” can be seen on WhatsApp promo pictures, which contains ten subgroups such as “Kitchen Team Chat” or “Audience Area”, as reported by Spiegel Online. The aim of the new function is to bring more order into groups. After all, many WhatsApp groups have grown quite large over time and topics are shared or discussed that are by no means of interest to every group member. The new function should make it easier to reach only those group members who are affected by a specific issue.

As one of the last messengers now also leads signal one Stories feature one originally from Snapchat invented and later dated Meta empire Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp has been cloned. LinkedIn and Twitter have long since replicated the function, albeit less successfully. “Stories have long since become a way for many of us to connect,” writes Signal in his company blog. “That’s why they have a natural place in every messaging app, including Signal. People use them, people want them, so we’re providing a way to make stories private. And without having to wade through a sea of ​​ads” – a clear nod to Instagram, whose stories format has long been permeated with advertising.

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Brick-and-mortar apps, Blinkist boss gives boss for onboarding

Iphone 14 | What the DMA means for Apple, iPhone 14 Pro delivery issues, Twitter at Elon Musk | apple iphone | mobile shopping smartphone shutterstock 792936604

That the stationary trade longer is in crisis, is no secret. Although local shopping made a brief comeback after the end of the corona restrictions, brands have to react to the energy crisis and high inflation anew Struggling to lure customers into stores. A means to success: Follow the example of successful e-commerce brands and launch a custom app to provide better experiences, strengthen customer loyalty and reach new audiences. Sue AzariEcommerce Industry Lead at AppsFlyerexplained on our sister portal Location Insider how this works.

And finally a listening tip: One of the great opportunities of subscription models is that you get to know your customers better and better over a long period of time and with this data a personalized experience can create for each user. One app that is particularly strong at this is Blinkist. From now more than 5,500 non-fiction books and podcasts, Blinkist always suggests titles that match personal interests. in the Subscribe Now Podcast tells Blinkist CEO and co-founder Holger Seimhow Blinkist systematically gets to know its users through a targeted catalog of questions during onboarding, what is behind the listening recommendations and which data are particularly important for this. Listen to the “Subscribe Now” episode with Holger Seim here.

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