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Iphone 14 | When will “Emergency SOS via satellite” start on the iPhone 14? › Macer head | apple iphone

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The four iPhone 14 (Pro) models launched in September will feature a new feature called “SOS emergency call via satellite” support. The feature will initially only be available to users in the US and Canada, will be free for two years and is scheduled to launch in November. But when will Apple flip the switch?

Iphone 14 | When will "Emergency SOS via satellite" start on the iPhone 14? › Macer head | apple iphone | notruf satellit iphone 14

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When will “Emergency SOS via satellite” start on the iPhone 14?

Even if the “SOS emergency call via satellite” function on the iPhone 14 is not initially activated for users in Germany and many other countries, this is a real asset in an emergency. Apple will introduce the whole thing in North America and expand it to other regions step by step.

Apple itself says that “emergency call SOS via satellite” will be introduced in the course of November. iOS16.1 was released last month and had the first clues on board. iOS 16.2 release is expected in December. Here we are with the beta 1 still at the beginning of the beta phase. Several scenarios are possible. iOS 16.1.1 brings only only bugfixes for the SKAdNetwork with you, but also activates “Emergency SOS via satellite”. Apple will release a separate update to iOS 16.1.2 to enable Satellite Emergency SOS, Or wait until December and sharing on iOS 16.2. Either way, it shouldn’t be long before the feature rolls out.


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The “Emergency SOS via Satellite” function enables contact with the emergency call when the iPhone has no mobile network coverage or WLAN connection by antennas can connect directly to a satellite. This gives more security when hiking or spending the night in the great outdoors.

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