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Iphone 14 | When will the new iPhone 14 appear? Leak reveals more details | apple iphone

This year's Apple event will likely take place in September.  The new iPhones could also be released here.  Source: Unsplash

This year’s Apple event will likely take place in September. The new iPhones could also be released here. Source: Unsplash

We have heard many rumors about the iPhone 14. However, a specific release date has not yet been announced. However, the latest rumors tell us when Apple’s September event will take place, where the new iPhones will most likely be released.

The latest information is on the Website iDrop News of the leaker LeaksApplePro published. According to his own statements, he tapped into his sources and asked them what they knew about the Apple event in September. Apple usually releases its new products on a Tuesday in September, but so far we didn’t know which that would be this year.


It could be this Tuesday

LeaksApplePro’s sources have revealed that Apple has something internal planned for week 37 of 2022. From this, the leaker concludes that this should be the Apple event, even if he is not one hundred percent sure. Accordingly, the event should take place on September 13thsince this is the Tuesday of the specified calendar week.

According to his sources, it is still uncertain whether the event will be held online or on site this year. Apple doesn’t want to make any ill-considered decisions that they would then have to reverse, for example if the number of Covid-19 rises. So this will be a relatively short-term decision. But he should know more by mid to late August, since Apple usually starts recording for an online event at that time.

We expect these products

The leaker also comments on the products that will be shown at the event. Above all, the new iPhones should of course be presented here. The iPhone 14 will be available in four different variants:

  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone mini is to be discarded after the 13th generation and make room for the iPhone make 14 max. This is basically the basic version of the iPhone 14, just bigger. Among other things, the Pro versions of the 14 series should have upgrades to the camera system, get a faster chip and the notch on the display should be replaced by a so-called Pill and pothole design be replaced.

We’ve also seen this in a dummy iPhone 14 Pro Max, along with a few other changes. Accordingly, the design will not change much compared to the predecessor, but the dimensions will be slightly larger.

Apple Watch and AirPods

In addition to the iPhone, the new Apple Watch will also be shown at the September event. This could get a new design and appear in three different versions. On the one hand there is the Apple Watch 8, then a new version of the cheaper Apple Watch SE and one Extreme editionwhich should be particularly suitable for outdoor use.

The AirPods are also expected to make some changes. According to the leaks, the AirPods Pro 2 will be presented, which without the tribe get by An unofficial concept design by Konstantin Milenin shows what the new pods could look like:

This is what the new AirPods could look like.  Source: Twitter Konstantin Milenin

This is what the new AirPods could look like. Source: Twitter/ Konstantin Milenin

They should support a new type of noise-cancelling technology. In addition, they could finally have a USB-C input, which could also come soon for iPhones. Before the September event, however, there is still the WWDC next month. What you can expect there, we tell you in the following article:

iOS 16: Apple could finally deliver a long-awaited feature with the new operating system

Are you eagerly awaiting the new iPhone or are you going for Android? Are the new features of the iPhone 14 interesting enough to make the switch? Please let us know.

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