Saturday, January 28, 2023

Iphone 14 | Why Apple’s expensive iPhone 14 Pro camera often loses out to the much cheaper Google Pixel in comparison tests | apple iphone

Software more important than hardware

In the video below, MKBHD provides a few explanations. It is certainly old hat for Notebookcheck readers, for example, that software and AI algorithms are now more decisive than what is hidden behind the smartphone display in terms of hardware. This may explain why the perfectly tuned Pixel 6a with an ancient sensor was able to outperform the much better hardware-equipped iPhone 14 Pro and even the Pixel 7 Pro.

However, the manufacturer often needs time to adjust the algorithms to the new sensors, which is why the seventh generation of pixels delivered better results than the Pixel 6 at the time of launch, despite very similar hardware. The YouTuber speculates that Apple will probably need some more time – possibly until the iPhone 15 Pro – to fully exploit the new 48 megapixel sensor in the iPhone 14 Pro.

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