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Iphone 14 | Why the Apple Watch will steal the show from the iPhone 14 | apple iphone

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iPhones and their innovations are usually presented at the September keynote, with the Apple Watch playing an important supporting role.


Apple’s biggest star of the fall is usually the iPhone. Even as the company on the ”


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” event in September 2014 unveiled the first-ever Apple Watch, it took a backseat to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which got a dramatic new design and the largest screen Apple has ever put in a smartphone.

This fall could be different. While the iPhone 14 will still be Apple’s biggest seller this holiday season, it looks like it will remain a rather minor update. Even the iPhone 14 Pro, which gets the lion’s share of the big updates, largely turns out to be an S-Type upgrade from last year’s iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple Watch Series 8 rumors are doing the rounds, and it looks like it could mark the biggest change in Apple’s wearable lineup history. From new sensors to new sizes, models and features, the 2022 Apple Watch range could be the most exciting Apple has ever unveiled.

Here are five reasons why this fall’s Apple Watch announcement could be even bigger than the iPhone:

We’re getting a whole new model

In recent weeks, there have been repeated rumors about a new Pro watch that is set to expand the Apple Watch range with a completely new model. It seems to tie together several rumors we’ve heard over the past year: a slimmer design, larger display, sturdy body, and new features aimed at “extreme athletes”. Although Apple will certainly be asking the price of the model like it does for Edition watches – it could reportedly cost more than 900 euros – and is aimed at an extremely niche audience, it will mark a dramatic new direction for Apple’s wearable.

So far, Apple has separated its Apple Watch lines by straps (Nike, Hermès) or material (Edition), but a new Pro line with a larger display could represent an expansion of the Apple Watch line with specialized models targeting specific ones carriers are aligned. Even if it’s not a big seller, this Apple Watch Pro could have a lot of meaning for the future of the line.

A better SE is on the way

When the $299 Apple Watch SE launched in 2020, it was an intriguing option. Sitting between the $219 Apple Watch Series 3 and the $429 mainline model, it offered a newer design with fewer features and sensors at an affordable price.

But two years later, it’s showing its age, especially without an always-on display. Apple is rumored to be adding one to the SE this year, and it could also get an ECG sensor and a faster processor. All of which would make them an attractive offer – especially if Apple drops the price to 229 or 219 euros.

The Apple Watch 3 is finally being retired this year.

Why would Apple reduce the price of the SE? Because everything indicates that Apple is finally retiring the Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple’s worst entry-level product, the Series 3 underperforms, is undersized, and underwhelming. We’re glad to get rid of them, but one big question remains: will Apple replace them with something new? The Apple Watch SE is quite a bit more expensive than the Series 3, and Apple has been selling the two side-by-side for the past two years. When the Series 3 retires, will there be a new model in its place? A Series 4? The old SE? We’ll have to wait.

The battery life will be much better

There are rumors that Apple could equip the new Pro model with a larger battery, but even beyond that, the Apple Watch could finally get a serious boost to its battery life. The device already has a low-power mode that turns off all features except a tiny digital clock, but a new low-power mode is said to offer a far more useful way to conserve energy. Reportedly, you can now save battery by turning off some features like iPhone. This could be a key benefit for the Apple Watch, as it allows users to add hours to the lifespan of the watch.

A new sensor could measure fever

The Apple Watch Series 7 did not get any new sensors, the Apple Watch Series 8 is said to get a temperature sensor. This is said to be able to monitor fertility and warn you of an impending illness. As we’re still grappling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the ability to detect fevers and temperature changes before they’re registered by a thermometer would be an essential health feature — and a game-changing feature for the Apple Watch.

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