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Iphone 14 | Will the iPhone 14 be significantly more expensive? | News | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | Will the iPhone 14 be significantly more expensive? | News | apple iphone | iphone 13.563125Iphone 14 | Will the iPhone 14 be significantly more expensive? | News | apple iphone | iphone 13.563125Also this year Apple presents a new iPhone generation in autumn. Apple will remove the mini version of the iPhone 14 and replace it with a larger model. Just last week, rumors surfaced that the group was reviving the Plus name for this model. Accordingly, the iPhone 14 lineup would consist of the iPhone 14 without a name suffix, the iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and the top model iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Pro models are said to replace the “notch” with two separate cutouts and replace the A15 Bionic with the next generation of A chips. With the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 “Plus”, however, the “notch” remains – and the A15 Bionic should continue to be used as the chip.

Due to the corona pandemic and the Ukraine war, there are currently major production and delivery problems throughout the supplier industry. This results in significant price increases and long delivery times for many products – and of course Apple is not protected from these difficulties either. Analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush assumes that the iPhone 14 will be up to $100 more expensive compared to the previous generation. According to Ives, Apple is struggling with price increases for almost all iPhone components.

Cheapest iPhone soon to be just under 1,000 euros?
The iPhone 13 mini is currently the cheapest iPhone model at 799 euros (apart from the iPhone SE). However, since Apple is removing the Mini from the iPhone 14 range and it can be assumed that the iPhone 14 “Plus” will be more expensive than the Mini, the iPhone 14 without a name suffix will be the cheapest model from autumn. Apple currently offers this for 899 euros. If Apple were to raise the price of the new iPhone models by $100 in the US, the cheapest iPhone model in this country would probably come onto the market for €999 – or even more.


Euro weakness increases prices further
In Europe, however, there is another factor that influences the prices of some products: the exchange rate of the euro against the dollar is approaching parity these days: one dollar will soon get one euro and vice versa. For comparison: A year ago you could exchange one euro for just under 1.2 dollars. The consequence of this is that Apple will probably increase device prices in the euro zone even more.

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